Color Crush: Seaglass

By Kate Riley June 16, 2010

seaglass colors

Lately, I’ve been crushing on the colors in seaglass – those watery, ethereal blues and greens that bring to mind the colors of the many oceans, and the relaxation that seems to accompany spaces decorated in these shades.   

I love to collect seaglass, and these days I find myself drawn to all sorts of decorative glass objects in these vivid greens and blues – they just mix so beautifully together and always look fresh. 

Here’s a few of my favorite designer spaces combining all the beautiful colors found in seaglass . . .     


traditional home bedroom office Traditional Home


manny rodriguez bedroom Manny Rodriguez Photography


wallpaper headboard house of turquoise via House of Turquoise

vibrant blues southern living Southern Living


sarah richardson tween roomSarah Richardson 


lucy and company babys room Lucy & Company


martha stewart Martha Stewart


drake design associates dining Jamie Drake/Drake Design Associates 


house beautiful blue and green kitchen cabinet interior House Beautiful


coastal living Coastal Living/Waterleaf Interiors


blue and green tile apt therapy via Apartment Therapy



kelly wearstler boys room Kelly Wearstler


coastal living blues and greensCoastal Living 


blue and white living roomHouse Beautiful 


candice olsen white green blue office Candice Olson


coastal living green and blue sectionalCoastal Living


ekb interiors living showhouse EKB Interiors


country living outdoor room Country Living


Aren’t all those blues and greens so fantastic together ?

Seaglass is my latest color crush – what’s yours ?




  1. I love, love sea glass and these pictures are so yummy! thanks for sharing.

  2. yes, yes, and oh mylanta yes!!! i’ve just been thinking for about 6 months now how to introduce my man to that color in our house. i have it in some retro dishes i picked up but i dyingly (new word!) want a piece of furniture or wall in one of those colors!

    def going to “star” this post in google reader for future inspiration!


  3. My color crush just became seaglass! I’ve always been partial to blue & green – put them together, and they turn into something even more beautiful!

  4. I am SOOOOO into these colors right now! I recently bought a duplex that I moved into and I’m wanting to go with these colors. Thank you for posting this….it’s been great inspiration!

  5. What a great collection of photos showing this color combination working so well…but what really caught my eye was the kitchen in House Beautiful!! It makes me want to stop work, reverse and make this color scheme work in my kitchen!! Janell

  6. I must have scrolled through these pictures 7 times — loveee. Now I’m trying to figure out which room in my house is going to be redecorated with these colours. Lovely post :)

  7. Always loved these colors too. Especially this time of year. My oh my, would you look at those round cribs. And 3 of them! And so many wonderful light fixtures too. Lots of great inspiration.

  8. You always do a great job of putting together inspiration photos…I always leave inspired too. :) LOVE the Candice Olson room. Looks like she did a good job in a narrow space. :)

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors. But how would they look in the fall & winter?

  10. I have a major crush on seaglass too. I just feel so relaxed and calm and beachy when I look at them, and I want to make my whole house feel that way. Pair the shades with crisp white and dark hardwoods and I’m in heaven.

    Our house is largely undecorated…still… but I did pick up a rug with those colors that I’m absolutely in love with. The goal is to pull colors from it to decorate our living and dining room. Well, eventually!

  11. Nice timing. I love love love the sea-glass color combination and I’m ready to redo my bedroom with those colors. I’ve been looking. The problem is, I’m restricted to textiles because we’re in a rental and can’t paint. And finding affordable textiles in these colors in stores (even looking online) rather than just in magazine spreads has so far been an exercise in futility. Inspiration posts are lovely but also kind of frustrating when there’s no real-life way to actually DO anything about it.

  12. I LOVE these colors. Any hue of blue or watery green have alwas been my weaknesses but lately I’ve been stemming towards nutty looking yellows, olivey greens & hues of brown & black. I’ve been trying to redecorate my kitchen w/ an olive theme & those are the colors I’ve been playing with the most.

  13. you’ve read my mind…I’ve been looking for a watery blue-green for my bathroom. So far everything I’ve brought home has been too pastel-ish or too minty.

  14. Wasn’t surprises to find my favorite to be the Candace Olsen room, love her designs!

  15. Thanks for this post. I’d love to do my home office in this color scheme. I could quite happily curl up with my laptop and spend the day working in that last photo.

  16. You’ve read my mind, as I’m about to go buy pale green and blue linen for my room – it’ll make perfect drapes and bedskirt- so restful!! Love the tween bedroom from Sarah Richardson!!!

  17. Nature has a way of getting it right everytime! I love the colors of sea glass…and the sea. I just modeled my new kitchen from sea glass inspiration, down to the blue glass subway tiles I used as a backsplash! Beautiful rooms you posted…thanks for the “aaaaaahhhhhh” moment. :)

  18. I love this color combination!! I am working to do something like this in our guest bedroom… these pics provide great inspiration! Thanks!!

  19. I LOVE these color combos. Especially with the bright white. I am getting ready to move and even though I love the colors in my current house I am excited to try some new combinations. I am always torn between bright colors and a calm monochromatic white/ ivory/ cream room. HMMM.

    I love your sight. You are so inspirational and have a great sense of taste.

  20. Ammmmmazing photos as always!! Oh how I heart Candice Olsen’s decorating…and house beautiful…oh and Coastal Living (just ordered my subscription…happy dance!). I might bring in some of these blues and greens into my bedroom to lighten it up a little and add a beachy vibe! Oh and I DEFINITELY need one of those turquoise garden stools as a bedside table…just saying! :)

  21. Living at the shore, I am also so into that look. If you wanted to start off small, decorate a miror frame with the blues and green glass, as I have. It certainly makes a big beachy impact. You can purchase the beach glass online, in a host of shore colors. You can glue them onto an old vase to give it life. Have fun with it.

  22. Thanks for the pics! When we move in less than 2 weeks, my aim is to have a base of neutral colours with accents of blue and green! I love the natural feel of it – blue waters, mossy rocks… For a while now, those have been my fave colours…I also love ice blue and chocolate, though…but that would require a major revamp of many decorative objects, etc!!

  23. This is completely the color scheme that I’m loving right now too. My living room and bathroom have already gone the route!

  24. My latest color crush is blue in general. It might have something to do with the warm, summer weather approaching or my long craving for the ocean but I can’t seem to get it off my mind. I love the color combo of the many shades of blues and greens and how they all seem to blend well with one another. I am assuming, for those who don’t live on the coast, that sea glass can be purchased. I sure hope so because I might take the plunge and paint my master bath blue and use blue and green accents and the sea glass would look fantastic in some jars on my shelves.

    Thanks for always being a wealth of information as well as inspiration.

  25. I’m right there with you on the sea glass. I NEVER tire of blue and green! It can be serene, funky, anything! Lately I love jewel tone teal-blue and brown. I cannot get enough of teal!

  26. Every time you do one of these posts I think now THAT’S my favorite color, only to change my mind the next time you post a color blog.

  27. Love, love, love these color combinations. Our AC is not working the greatest lately and anything refreshing is a relief- even if it’s daydreaming! :)

    I love the nursery as well as the living/family room by Candice Olsen- but I’ve always been a fan of hers! :)

  28. Hi Kate-
    I would love to find a few glass japanese fishing net floats/globes in all different sizes of blues, greens, and purple. I just read an article that they stilll wash up on the beaches in Oregon in November. I would love to find just one, but I live on the east coast. It would be the a great find and something I would treasure forever.

  29. Trying to slowly add blues and green into my home…I fell in love with the reds and browns that seemed to be “in” a couple of years ago. I am loving all the crisp white, cottage classic style popping up everywhere. Taking it slowly is what is hard!

  30. LOVE! I just finished re-accessorizing my living room in these colors. I’ve been a lover of sea glass since I found my first piece at the age of 12.

  31. Oh wow, that color combination is yummy! Makes me want to re-do my entire house!!!

  32. Gosh! I love the nursery with the 3 round cribs!! Sooo cute! Blue and green are such complementary colors. I love a little teal and green myself!

  33. I looove that kitchen and just about every room posted! I’m a huge fan of that color combination as well; it’s very playful and serene all at once. It’s definitely a contender for when we buy our house or next apartment, (right now we’re doing the yellow, gray and white). These are wonderful inspiration.

  34. I have always loved those colors! For years, I have had this picture in my mind of a little bungalow (like the one we lived in when we were first married) furnished in seaglass colors and white. Maybe when the kids are gone and I don’t have to have so much house and purposely dirt colored tile and carpet!

  35. Love all of the pictures, very refreshing. My Granny’s favorites were always blue and green, and I too love the combination. I am also loving chocolates and blues.

  36. Unfortunately, my color crush is burgundy. So I must, somehow, get through summer :D and then I can enjoy it for about 6 months before I have to de-burgundy-fy my house.

  37. Those pictures are ALL so beautiful. I am also totally crushing on those colors lately, which makes me slightly apprehensive when I consider that I went to the fabric store recently and ordered fabric for my living room in raspberries and lime/citrus. (?!) I still can’t figure out why I chose those, but I did love them, so I’m going with it. Seeing your pictures, though, makes me wonder what I was thinking?

  38. I have always loved sea/ocean colors. Blue is always one I pick as my favorite. Lately, I’m trying really hard to break out of my cool color obsession. I’m repainting in warm colors for the main floor of my house; Colorado tends to be pretty cool by itself without decorating help! I *love* your blog; it’s the first thing I check in the morning, even before I read my hubby’s good morning e-mail from work! Please keep up the good work!

  39. I am with you, I love the colors of seaglass, especially Seafoam, that is my favorite
    I make seaglass jewelry so I get to play with those colors everyday!
    Love the picture from House Beautiful with the glass balls. I love glass balls

  40. Love your sea glass with green!!! I’m dated though apparently, but I just love good old creams, whites, black and caramel…

  41. Wow! Gorgeous picks. That nursury (for triplets?) is so cute. I guess if you give birth to three babies at one time, you deserve a really kickin’ place to put them.

  42. I’m with you….these colors are AMAZING!!! I love how simple, yet bold they are! Have a great sunny day!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  43. I’m a tad bit obsessed with orange these days but the seaglass colors are lovely. The triplet nursery is adorable – the 2010 Decorator’s showcase in San Francisco had a nursery for triplets as well – new trend? Thanks for sharing these soothing, beautiful photos!

  44. I am crushing on denim, washed out blues and cotton whites! Just refinished a buffet in the denim with a lighter blue dry brushed over top. Love it!

  45. Love the color! Reminds me of an article I read in BHG’S June edition. They have a whole page on indoor color Seaglass, complete with all the coordinates. If you can pick up a copy I suggest checking it out.

  46. I love the whitest white kitchen sink & the cupboard set with diamond shaped green,blue and white tiles!!! –> I am sure gonna remodel my own kitchen back in my homeland as soon as I go back there.

    What a new idea to lay two twin sized beds in the same wall!!!
    I absoLutely will try that for the bedroom of my two boys!

    Also, the new positioning of armchairs in a circular way got me so~~ impressive!
    Why didn’t we try that? I will!!!

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