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By Kate Riley January 19, 2010

Sometimes I feel like talking about upholstered headboards in blog land is a little bit like saying, “Hey, did you hear?  Tiger Woods is lyin’ cheatin’ philanderer.” 

It seems everyone has talked about upholstered headboards and how much we all love them.   And let’s face it.  Upholstered headboards are FAB-U-LOUS.   Every retailer from Jonathan Adler to Tar-jay has one for you to ogle over. 

Then I got to thinking.  There are a lot of upholstered headboards out there with really amazing curves.  Here are a few dramatic shapes that really inspire me, and I think perhaps could be recreated with careful execution with a jigsaw.  Much of the piping and trim is tricky, but these curves certainly inspire me to get jiggy with my jigsaw again. 

elizabeth dinkel designs Elizabeth Dinkel Designs

calico corners upholstered headboardCalico Corners

country living bright headboard Country Living

jonathan adler tufted headboardJonathan Adler Designs

restoration hardware jameson headboard Restoration Hardware

decorpad upholstered up against window via Decorpad

If you’re talented on the sewing machine, make a complimentary skirt !

palmer weiss yellow headboard via la dolce vita Palmer Weiss Designs


better homes and gardens upholstered headboardBetter Homes and Gardens

house beautiful red velvet headboard House Beautiful


urban outfitters headboard Urban Outfitters

decorpad headboard via nesting place Decorpad

This greek key pattern on a clean white fabric headboard could also be mimicked with a fabric marker for the design, ribbon, a glue gun or fusible webbing, and a whole lot of patience.

greek key headboard decor pad Decorpad


But who says you need a jigsaw ?  Square is perfectly wonderful too.

uktv square headboar UKTV

overstocks upholstered headboard Overstocks

bhg natty neutrals linen headboard Better Homes and Gardens

upholstered headboard via casa sugar via Casa Sugar

georgetown tufted pottery barn Pottery Barn

neutral headboard country living Country Living

west elm headboard West Elm

With a little fabric, foam, batting and a plywood base, you can recreate a designer look in an upholstered headboard, for much less.   But y’all know this already – there are so many creative DIY fabric covered headboards to be seen out there.  Just Google it – you’ll be amazed.  I was !

But speaking of achieving the look for less, many of you wanted the cost breakdown on yesterday’s tufted headboard.  Here goes:  Calico Corners fabric (1 4/8 yards) $45; plywood $15; batting $8 with coupon; 2” foam $40 with coupons; button cover kits $12.   The rest of the supplies I had on hand.   Total = $120.

The choice to use an upgraded fabric and 2 inch foam made it more expensive than it could be, but compared to retail, I still feel like I got a pretty good deal.

tufted headboard swoop detail

Not bad for $120 buckaroos !



  1. Love your headboard! I love reading American design blogs and seeing the differences with the UK. Upholstered headboards are really not fashionable at the moment here, I think we’re all still reeling from having them as standard in the 1980’s! Sleigh beds on the other hand are massive!

  2. Loving Numbers 1, 2, 8 and 11.
    Not sure about the practicality of Number 11 though. It looks gorgeous but the height of the bedhead behind a person sitting in bed may not be high enough.
    Also, just wanted to say how much I am inspired by your blog. Everything you do is amazing and your detailed posts about how you do things is greatly appreciated.

  3. I do love the look. If I had one, it would have to be in a guestroom. I tend to sit on my bed, hair wet and propped on the headboard. I know, bad idea…but old habit. Lucky for me our bed was handcrafted by my husband’s uncle and he knew of my habit. The wood has been treated for wet bedhead!

  4. I am LOVING those LOVE pillowcases from the countryliving photo, anyone have an idea as to where they’re from?

  5. I saw that someone used an egg carton mattress (doubling it up and putting the eggy sides together) to make theirs because it was cheaper. And the red velvet one looks like it might belong on a hoochie ranch!! lol All of these headboards are sure making me feel like I need a new look to my room . . . thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m definitely leaning toward the square headboards. They look fabulous. I love the sleek modern look to them that fits into my slightly Midcentury modern look that I’m going for. Thanks for the breakdown on pricing.

  7. Beautiful! all these photo’s made me gasp with excitement:) I so hope to be able to make one of these when we move into our first home soon. thanks so much for the post, it gives me all sort of inspiration!

  8. I love most the square, tufted headboards – esp the ones covered in patterned fabric. But, the curvy ones have so much drama! I don’t think I could commit to one for our bedroom, but love the look of them.

  9. Now I’m confused. Should I just slipcover my square headboard or should I cover it with new fabric and tuft it. Or maybe I should change the shape . . . Decisions, decisions. As a Libra, I’m going to have to think about the options, but many thanks for the inspiration. Love the one you did btw.

  10. Oh, gosh. This post really has me thinking! I upholstered the headboards in our guest room, but now I’m thinking they need to be re-done. . . could I really use a jigsaw for more than a simple curve? I dunno, but it’s feeling like it might be worth one piece of plywood to find out. . . .

    As usual, thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I’m getting ready to redo my headboard and I LOVE all the ones you’ve featured here!! My husband made our headboard out of an old door and I’ve loved the rustic look for so long, but I’m thinking fabric would make it pop!

  12. I love your headboard – better than most of the inspiration photos in fact, as I found them a bit curvy and yours was just right. Way to go.

  13. Ummm, I don’t want to be a spoil sport but I do want to give you a warning about upholstered head boards (your looks gorgeous by the way) If you do a lot of reading in bed then you will find that where you place your head on the headboard might get a smudgy look. Women use so much product in their hair now that it can transfer to the cloth headboard (over several months) and make it look dirty (as I found out from experience). After cleaning it I ended up having to put our upholstered headboard into the guest bedroom and buying a wood headboard for ourselves.

  14. LOVE the curvy ones….I am planning on making one this weekend and was just wondering how the border is made on them? Specifically the sixth one pictured? Any suggestions or tips how to achieve this look?? THANKS!!

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