Hoot Hoot

By Kate Riley January 20, 2010

Isn’t it funny how certain animals find their way into design trends ?  Is it just me, or are zebra rugs and deer heads all the rage right now ?   Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of the animal print and the faux fur as you know, when used in moderation.

One nocturnal creature I’ve always been fond of is Mr. Owl.  Perhaps it comes from childhood and that fantastic poem with the Pussycat.   Like most other feathered friends, I’m loving seeing these birds popping up again in modern décor.

anthropologie owls Dishtowel and Switchplate, Anthropologie

z gallerie ceramic owls Candlesticks and Snowy White Owl, Z Gallerie

decoylab owl clock Owl Clock, Decoylab

owl umbrella standTwo’s Company Umbrella Stand, Madison Ave Gift

owl pitcher the cross Owl Pitcher, The Cross

owl family viva terra Owl Family, Viva Terra

owl print etsy Owl Print, Mirabel on Etsy

retro mod owl print Retro Mod Owl Print, Ebay

owl lamp 1st dibs Owl  Lamp, 1st Dibs

vintage s and p owl Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, Etsy

spring owl print etsy Spring Owl Tree print, Etsy

owl lamp willow Owl Lamp, Willow

owl keychain Keychains, LeatherPrince

owl onesie Hooted Owl Onesie, Mini Me Baby Gear

plush owl pb kids Plush Owls, Pottery Barn Kids

I have such a soft spot for cute owl figurines.  I even have my own little friend under glass right here at home.

cg owl

But if you really really want him, you can pick him up in my Etsy shop.

What’s your theory on decorating with animals ?  Do you have a favorite that you collect, or love to display ?   Tell us owl about it.


  1. I think I will skip the owls. For some reason, I have never liked them. Now the stuff you showed was cute but just not for me.

  2. I just peeked over at your etsy shop. Great stuff! that blue swirly dish was just calling my name………too bad my wallets on empty……….
    Will be back!

  3. I like fish … I have been lusting over a koi pond print on Ebay for ages, have some carved wooden ones. With fish I think it is calm and peaceful. I think the owl stuff you picked out was pretty cool. Though the hubby would love it if I got hawk stuff … perhaps there is a post in that.

  4. these are killing me. I’m obsessed with owls. Ever since I was little I always loved all the owl stuff my grandmother had in her house. When she passed and I was asked what I wanted – I said anything owl. They brought me the one owl candle holder she had that I always loved. I’ve started to collect more and more and I’m happy this trend has hit. :) I’m going to have to check out all these sites you’ve shown here! Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these. I am loving owls right now. What is up with that being quite the rage. I am grateful. And the birds in trees, too… like sparrows. I will check out your links. Very, very fun!

  6. My husband and I love monkeys and plan to decorate our baby’s room in that theme. It doesn’t seem right for grown-ups, but the wimsy should be fun for baby!

  7. What IS it about owls? I love them. I am totally not a “collector” of anything, but I love me some owls. I’m convinced it has something to do with Owl in the Winnie the Pooh cartoons.

    Love owls. But boy, they can take a left turn and be super scary, too. Maybe they are a manifestation of the human soul, capable of so much wisdom and comfort and also such predatory impulses.

    Have I taken a left turn here? Great post, Kate. Love the owls.

  8. All the owls remind me of my grandmother and her 70’s style owl lamps and such – a.k.a. I love them!

    Maybe granny will let me borrow a couple =)

  9. I like the owl switchplate. :) I know birds are really *in,* and I love to use them in the Spring…but it’s mostly b/c my little one’s middle name is Byrd and it’s a family name. :)

    I’m not feeling like a night owl tonight…think it’s time for me to head upstairs. You’re a “hoot” though, Kate. ;)

    Sorry…couldn’t resist the bad puns.

  10. No owls as of yet, I must be behind the trend. My studio, however, is filled with souvenir deer heads- most painted solid white, a couple solid black and a few in fun colors. Monotone baby. Now, off to shop for owls…

  11. The funny thing about the owl trend is that it is so 1960s/70s. Go in any old lady’s house and you’ll see a crochet owl– promise!

    I personally have a peacock thing. Not so much the bird as the feather. I am trying to keep it under control though– don’t want to be the crazy peacock lady!

  12. I have an owl that decorates my yard every night and hoo-hoo’s quite loudly. :)

    Now that I think about it…there are actually quite a few animals decorating my house but I hadn’t really put thought into it.

  13. I was JUST thinking about how owls seem to be everywhere. Unfortunately, they remind me of my childhood and my evil stepmother, LOL. Oh well, lots of other animals to love. :-)

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls! I do a summer workshop at Rice U every year and spent time photographing the owls carved into the buildings last trip. I bought owls from Guatemala. I love vintage owls and cutey-pie owls. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  15. I love owls. They are hiding all over my house.
    It’s something my grandmom got me into when I was a little girl…
    She loved them and they were everywhere!

    It’s great- I have her vintage owls (including the salt and pepper shaker listed above!) and it’s fun finding new ones that are in style now. :)


  16. I was allowed to take a stone fox from one of our classrooms recently (the teacher said, “That thing does nothing but stub my toes!”). He sits quietly keeping diligent vigil by the door near our shoes. I’ve grown to love him :)

  17. Owls just lend themselves to well to graphic design, crafting, and art. Such a cute animal! I’m working on a set of “Owl Pillows’ Right now, in fact…

  18. What a great collection – I love that you found plenty of things suitable for adult spaces as well as children’s rooms.
    I don’t have any deliberate animal collections going on, although I do own 2 unrelated elephants so I suppose I need to keep an eye on that, or I’ll be housing a herd if I’m not careful!

  19. I LURVE Owls. In fact my blog http://www.owlinthewoods.blogspot.com/ is dedicated to that. I’m in charge of the care of the birds of prey (including Owls) at a rehabilitation center. Its my dream job! And my husband has a hard time keeping my Owl Obsession to a tolerable level. Its so hard sometimes cause there is soooo much out there.
    I do also looooove birds. So I mix it up a bit.

  20. My grandmother collected wol figurines, so my mother has several around the house. I think I might start my own tasteful collection as well, in honor of a great woman I really never knew.

  21. Hmmmm I don’t know about this. My mom had a real thing for owls and mushrooms in the 70’s but we went well into the 80’s before we got rid of it. I may be scarred for life haha!

  22. I’m wondering where I can get that owl lamp. My daughter wants an Owl/Forest room, so I am in the process of collecting things so we can do the makeover for her birthday. Can it be ordered online? If you could help me out, I know she would be ecstatic!

  23. My friend works as a paramedic and has do go to peoples homes often, when they call in an emergency. In order to deal with the, sometimes horrible, donditions that patents are in, some paramedics are taught to look for owls in the home. Here in Germany is a book publisher who has the name of an owl and uses one as the logo. A glue stick, that everybody uses is also called owls. There is a statistic that says 85 percent of homes have at least one owl in the home (book, glue stick included!)…

    those were my two cents from Germany :)


  24. me and my mum have exacly the same owl as you do and we never thought to put it under a cloch but now that we have tryed it, it looks GREAT! thank you so much for the idea.
    we have been looking for that white owl lamp base for a while though and just cant find a store that will ship to canada do you have any ideas?

  25. Birds, birds everywhere! I wrote a similar post on my new blog and found this after. As they say, great minds…

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