Velcro Magic

By Kate Riley May 25, 2009

We DIYers know the power of adhesives.  Hot glue, wood glue, and spray adhesive all make my heart go pitter patter. But nothing compares to the magic of Velcro. 

pink sparkle

Tiny tangent, please indulge.  You know that scene in the movie ‘The Holiday’ where super gorgeous Jude Law is the widowed father of two girls and they lay under their magical canopy together in the girls’ room?  Okay, so maybe you don’t.  But I remember it, and I wanted to create a canopy over my daughter’s bed.  Nothing too frilly, nothing too drapey, just a bit of poof and the whisper of pink sparkle for her to fall asleep under.  Enter Velcro. 

I cut some tabs and secured them to the fabric and then to the top of her bed.

velcro canopy


The result was an instant canopy, and no sewing !

canopy with light


Velcro is also a great solution for keeping your art straight on the wall, or ensuring your precious artifacts stay where they are.  I used it this weekend to secure my cube display to the wall in my master bath.

I was adding some decor to a wall that also has a sliding pocket door.  My little boy repeatedly slides the door in and out because: 1) it’s a door, 2) it slides into a pocket, and 3) that’s what three year old boys like to do. 

I used a bit of Velcro strip to secure the back of my display cubes to the wall, in addition to the nails, and now I have enough staying power to ward off any accidental damage that would occur without the power of Velcro. 

velcro back 

nail plus velcro

Mission accomplished:

shell display

By the way, that reflective backing behind the cubes and shells is just a bit of my favorite silver opulence paint by Pratt and Lambert. 

pratt and lambert

Have you ever used Velcro in an interesting way ?   Tell us all, and keep it clean.  :-)


  1. Keep it clean. pfft! That’s great!
    I have no velcro stories to share, but loved your projects. TFS.

  2. Very cool idea!!
    I use that blue tacky ‘gum’ thingie (no glue of the name in english, sorry), never thought of using velcro! But i will!

  3. Great ideas! The velcro on the cubes is a fantastic idea!i have some roughians in my house. I am sure I’ll use this one.
    Have a great day! You deserved the award.

  4. What a pretty canopy! and I love your blog makeover, I know I haven’t been around in a while – it looks terrific!

  5. Ooooh! Why didn’t I think of velcro?! This is exactly what I need for my boy’s beds! I’m making curtains for the bottom of their loft beds and was dreading having to use poles. This will also make it easier for me to replace the ugly canopies that their beds came with (Ikea Kura bed).

    The canopy you made is really, really cute!

  6. I used velcro strips to keep the head board in our guest room from falling on anyones’ head. :0)The headboard, BTW, was made from Craig’s List shutters painted black. Looks so cool and stays in place!

  7. Here I thought I was the only person to be creative enough to use velcro on my wall! I use it to keep my pictures straight. And I didn’t think I was being “creative” so much as lazy…
    It works GREAT! : )

  8. ::bowing down to the DIY Diva::
    What a dreamy canopy–LOVE!
    BTW, I linked to you in my post today!

  9. I’m sorta new to your blog, so forgive me if you’ve already done a post on this in the past, but I’d love to see the chandelier close up…does it actually light up, or just hold a flower arrangement?

  10. What a great canopy! Too bad I have boys lol. Maybe my hubbie won’t be opposed to a canopy over our bed…he’s pretty easy going.
    BTW I linked you in my blog, I LOVE your site!

  11. Hi! I love the canopy. We just bought my daughter a canopy bed I’m going to paint and I NEED that canopy for my daughter!! Tell me where did you get the actual fabric canopy at? Please!! Thanks!

  12. Velcro and little plastic spice jars. I made a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet that was too high to be used but the interior cabinet door was perfect. Just stuck on the velcro and made spice labels.

  13. My family room valances are hung with Velcro. I also keep a small piece attached to the inside of a top cupboard door. The other part of it is attached to a clear plastic page insert…I drop a recipe into the insert and hang it on the cupboard door when I’m baking…handy, but still out of the way.

  14. I am addicted to your blog! I just LOVE it…I read it everyday. ;) I also find velcro super handy. I use it on the back of my iPod stereo remote so it doesn’t get misplaced once I’m done with it (one side on the remote the other side on the side of the stereo). I also use it at my office for the spare office keys, pens and ‘Tide to Go’ that people borrow (I stick them on the wall so everyone knows where they are and they can remove & replace easily.)

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