Girl’s Closet: All Dressed Up

By Kate Riley April 8, 2009

You regular CG readers know I have a five year old daughter.  Her room is in transition – from baby blue to big girl pink, brown and green.  Last week, we painted her room.   Here I am, helping to get rid of that baby blue.  (My friend made me wear that unbelievably lame charming red handkerchief for the photo…)

cg painting 

My girl’s closet was also in need of a major makeover.  Sad to say, I had neglected it for too long.  I just threw everything behind two sliding closet doors and ignored the big problem while I ate Twinkies and watched Days

Here’s the before (with the doors removed):


Here’s the after:

final 2 

Okay, I know, it’s very pink. But she’s five

Here’s the story:

I applied a striped paint treatment to the rear wall.  I used a level, painter’s tape, and a tape measure. 

level stripes

paint treatment

Instead of doors, I invested in four Shabby Chic pale pink velvet curtains (from last year) at Target, then I trimmed them in clear beading with my sewing machine for added girly glam. 

shabby chic upgrade

I also purchased two simple bead board towers from Target to help organize books, dolls, and toys. 

right side left side

These darling pink tiebacks are also from (you guessed it) Target. 


trim and tie back

I simply love this beaded fringe.

I also purchased some clear knobs for her dresser and then spray painted the screw tops a shade of rose to make them look like little flowers.  

spray paint

knob up close

I hid the ugly wood hanging rod with some toile fabric sewn together to form a cover. 

rod fabric

Dresses stay hidden behind the velvet:

hidden dresses best

   Every thirty five five year old needs a tiara collection:

crown collection 

And a place to hang her sunglasses:

eye glasses 

Ball gowns are a necessity . . .

dress up

And a girl’s got to have some Minnie ears:


I’m sure I’ll get a request to change all this when she’s a tween, but at least for a few years she I can enjoy having a girly girl glam closet. 

paint and curtains crop  final front 

For a five year old, it’s the perfect combination of pink and glam.

July author’s update:  Take a peek at the rest of her room right here.  


  1. That's the cutest closet space I've ever seen!!! I'd actually toy with using this great idea if I didn't remember that I require space in my kids' closets for household storage in addition to their stuff too (they are the lucky ones…their wall closets are Way bigger than my master walk in closet!) and definitely cannot take the doors off! But, this is really beautiful, perfectly girly, and practical too (there's a lot of storage in there!). :>

  2. GET OUT! Can I bottle some of your energy! You are amazing! Your home is looking magnificent! I want to be you! I want to do it all, too! Yee Haw! Fabulous upgrade! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. I just found your blog by doing a google search, and I love it!

    Please come visit my blog as well.


  4. This is exploding with cuteness! Seriously, I’m in love. I know I’m a grown up, which means I should be nice to 5 year olds….but–can I kick your daughter out of the house and move in? I’ll help finish painting!

  5. So so cute! I only wish my oldest was a girly girl! I would never expose her closet to the light of day by removing doors – I swear she is such a slob; now my youngest girl, we may have some possibilities there – thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Wow! Your on to something and I think your doing an amazing job. Since I’m in the decorating painting business here in Boise its alot of work but such a wonderful challenge. I never get tired of color and always looking for interesting ideas. I like the mayonnaise tip you gave for water stains removal on a dime! I also love Bella’s room transformation very sweet. I just got finished with Kaitlyn’s room and I did a Moroccan theme very cool and more grown up. Take care and keep decorating!!!

  7. Oh my heavens, I’m in love with your blog. Am I allowed to be in love with something like that??

    Oh well, I do. I’m so glad I found it!

  8. that is VERY cute! the fringe definently adds a perfect touch. :)

  9. Just stumbled upon this and I think it looks fab!! My little girl is only 1 and doesn't use her room at all (!!) but I'm definitely keeping this in mind for when she's a bit older. :D

  10. Gorgeous! Your attention to detail (painting the screw heads?!) is what makes your projects so amazing. I took the doors off my girl’s closet too….do you still like the drapes? How are they holding up?

    Thanks for linking this post!!

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