HOMEmade: Letter Hooks

By Kate Riley February 21, 2009

We all love alphabet letters, hanging in the house, spelling out whimsical or inspirational words, or perhaps just your child’s name on the wall. I prefer a letter that multi-tasks, like these do:

There’s just one teensy problem. While they look nice on the wall, they are practical only if secured into a wall stud. Well, wall studs are typically 16″ apart, or sometimes, just randomly spaced (if you own an older home). How to make a statement and actually put it to use? Secure the chosen letters to a wood background.

Here’s what I did. I had a piece of smooth scrap wood left over from the remodel. I spray painted it green, let it dry, then I had Mr. CG screw the letters to the wood. Then Mr. CG secured the wood directly to the wall studs. Ta-dah! Instant organization and charm for my mud room. Here’s mine:

Here are some other alphabet wall hooks available online:

From Anthropologie:

For $16 For $8

For $12

From Sundance for $10:

From JCPenney, on clearance for $5:

From Antique Hardware & Home, on sale for $3.19 each

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