Big Upgrade: Master Bath Mirror

By Kate Riley February 18, 2009

It was so sad. After the remodel of 2006, well, we ran a teensy bit short on cash. No, we ran out of cash. So I’ve lived without a master bathroom for 2 years, and we’ve all had to share the hall bath for way too long. Last year, after a nice Mr. CG commission, we ordered and installed the double sink vanity just to give us privacy for grooming. Here’s the really sad part: for six months, we lived with these pathetic little mirrors while we dreamed of the shangri la of master bath mirror decor: a gigantic silver rectangular beauty measuring 77″ x 38″.

Here’s the Before. Boo hoo.

But here’s the After:

It arrived two days ago, and Mr. CG installed it. What a difference a thing of beauty makes. The mirror is the Florentine by Hitchcock Butterfield, made in the USA. We’re getting that much closer to my spa like retreat…


  1. That is a stunning mirror, what a difference something like that makes, I would never have thought about me some great ideas for my master bath, that is small but can be very classy I guess!

  2. I love it. You are so talented. I have a question, I have a large mirror (wood framed) and want to hang it on my bathroom, but someone is telling me that it will get ruin if water splashes on the wood. Is there any water-proof product to protect the wood that you’ve used? I will really appreciate your answer. Thanks

  3. WOW!!!! I know you posted this forever ago…but I just came upon it! What a hug difference! Love it! Love your blog too!

  4. Just sitting down after a very long and tiring day – 28, very active 8 year olds for 7 hours. Can’t think of anything more appealing than looking at your gorgeous site. Just saw the master bathroom – absolutely love the tiles – they’re beautiful. Oh no, I can hear “mum, mum!!” There goes the bliss!!!

  5. lol those little things ARE really sad :( But the after, oh my! Hotel worthy! Love the large arrangement in the middle

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