Weekend Reading 3.29.20

By Kate Riley March 29, 2020

We’re having spring showers in Northern California, and it may be the last time, but I’m loving the soft rain. “Sunday morning, rain is falling… “ as the Maroon 5 song goes. This week was a lot slower than life as usual, have you adapted to it yet? As my fellow Gen X friend pointed out to me this morning by linking to this article, remember when we used to spend an entire weekend lounging on the floor of our bedroom waiting for songs to come on the radio so we could make mix tapes? Time to channel that kind of patience once more. :)

There are a few things that I’m doing differently. I’m enjoying really long conversations with friends (1-2 hours), all of them nostalgic, thinking back to the way things used to be, not two weeks ago, but two decades ago, when life moved a lot slower like it does right now. I’m eating on the fancy dishes and drinking from my fancy stemware, not just my everyday plates. I’m now a PE teacher for my two teens and I force them outside to exercise every day. I’ve noticed how much money I’m not spending just by being home and making do with what I’ve got.

I feel there is something to be learned in this forced stillness. It’s an invitation for all of us to turn inward and ask ourselves what do we really want our lives to look like moving forward? Both individually and collectively. I’m curious what changes you’ve made to your way of life, and what do you think will be the positive effect of all of this?

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Different Ways to Display Black + White Art

By Kate Riley March 26, 2020

Hello friends. How are you all adapting to life at home? No doubt you’re looking around your house for things to do! I love watching all the projects people are doing, from painting walls to rearranging furniture. That’s one good thing that’s coming out of this, we’re all tackling our home to-do lists. :)

Do you have an empty wall you’d like to fill? Now is the time to round up your favorite photographs and convert them to black and whites! Or an alternative is to purchase black and white photographs or illustrations from various artists and assemble them in a gallery. Adding artwork to a corner of your home is a simple project to take on, one that takes only a few hours and one you’ll appreciate for years to come!

Like so many of you, I love black and white art displays, both random and grid formats. If you are attracted to clean lines and order, then a consistent size and frame style is one way to display art or photographs. If you like loose or asymmetrical displays, a random format is a stylish alternative.

Pencil thin metallic frames in silver or gold are classic, but you can’t go wrong with basic black or wood frames. There are three different ways to assemble black and white art on the wall 1) with the same finish and size frames in a grid format, 2) same finish frames but in different sizes arranged in an asymmetrical display, or 3) a creative mix of frames in different sizes and finishes.


Same Finish, Mixed Sizes


west elm



the white company


indie and blue

poster store


nicole davis interiors 


Same Frame Size, Grid Format


le clair decor

west elm




le clair decor


Random Frame Arrangement


design works


timeless oak design

restless art

Etsy has an endless supply of original art, many of them instant digital downloads. And there are a few beautiful black and white images in my shop’s collection. My favorite source for same-day printing for photographs and artwork in sizes ranging from 8×10″ to 24×36″ is Walgreens (details here) and they are still open.

What home projects are you doing this week? Are you creating something new or tackling a to-do list? I’d love to know how you all are keeping busy!

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