Foxy Fall Wreath

By Kate Riley September 10, 2019

You know how we’re drawn to fluffy things when the weather turns colder? It’s in our DNA. Remember how we all made fluffy feather wreaths for the holidays a few years ago? Yeah, those were cool. Well I’m comin’ at ya with a new version today, this fluffy foxy fall wreath (say that ten times fast) is made with pampas and rabbit tail grass.

I made it for the season with just a few supplies from Michaels and Amazon, sources below. It’s very simple, but so soft and fluffy, and it has such great texture. Plus who can resist a cute little fox?


Supplies you’ll need to recreate: 18” metal wreath form, copper floral wire, and a fox ornament from Michaels. The white dried pampas grass (2 sets) and rabbit tail grass stems are available on Amazon. You’ll also need wire cutters (not shown) and a ribbon for hanging if you don’t have a hook.




The assembly is simple. Gather 2-3 stems of pampas grass at a time and weave the stems through the wire wreath form. Use the floral wire to attach it.



Use the floral wire to bind the tops of the rabbit tail grass into a bundle, then attach with more wire. As a final step, use one more piece of wire to secure the fox inside the rabbit tail grass. I wrapped the wire around his neck then covered it with the scarf.


It’s a fox inside a fluffy wreath. Irresistible!


I like creating things, I find it therapeutic, and a new wreath is always something I look forward to making each fall. I hung the wreath on the front door of my studio, the white on white is subtle, and the pampas grass stems blow softly when the autumn breeze comes through.




Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley September 7, 2019

Friends, how are you? Well, I hope! I’m knee deep in a massive project, one I’m hoping to launch next month, so I’m working busily behind the scenes. It’s a project I’ve dreamed of finishing all year, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Travel and family obligations slowed my progress earlier this year, but I’m making great strides and feel so excited to finally be bringing it to life.

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