Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley February 9, 2019

It’s a wet week here in Northern California, we’re getting a ton of rain and snow so I’m hunkered down indoors and taking the opportunity to catch up on my to do list.

I’m also finishing up the remodel of my teen daughter’s closet and will be sharing that soon! Behind the scenes I’m working on a really big project, it’s a new business venture that I’m so excited about but it will take a few months of dedicated effort to pull it off. Despite the mountains of work involved, I’m encouraged by this opportunity, and once it’s ready for public release, I’ll be announcing that too!

Meanwhile, here’s just a few links spied around the web that I found inspiring this week:


 A stunning home designed in black, white, and varied wood tones.

Lovers of lots of white will crush on this Australian family home.

What’s the right height? Some good examples of bathroom tile installations.

Now this is one great looking RV, don’t you agree?

My new favorite wallpaper, just need a place to install it!

Amazing talent: this shadow dancer artwork.

Results from not caring what others think of you.

Have a great weekend friends!


Trending: Wall Murals

By Kate Riley February 7, 2019

I’m back from my whirlwind trip to Australia! Wow, what a fun time I had! It took me a full day to acclimate, reconnect with my family, and feel mostly normal, it’s quite a long journey. Today I’m back to work!

Have you noticed the growing popularity of wall murals? They’re showing up everywhere in room reveals, they’re definitely trending and arguably the cooler version of the painted accent wall that was so popular in the 2000s.

Creating a scene that spans the length and height of a full wall is nothing new, in fact it’s one of the most old school installations in design. Think of the painted frescos from centuries ago, intricate mosaic scenes in ancient cities, and wall murals that towns use to capture and display their history.

Paint and wallpaper are the most commonly used backdrops in interior design, but a wall mural does something different. It tells a story and sets the tone of a space. Murals can be serene, playful, exotic, or even visually transport the viewer to a different time. Of course one can always hire a local artist to make one’s vision come to life, or you can turn to any number of preprinted wall murals. These are a few of my favorites.



painted cherry blossom


rites of spring



large scale vintage floral



black fern



blue ink



blue pines



tonal banana leaf




blue mountains



artist splatter



large scale leaf



moody floral



dark forest



woven vintage flowers


black and white palm 



vintage countryside


What are your thoughts on wall murals? Are you a fan?


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