DIY: Stone Texture Spring Vases

By Kate Riley March 11, 2019

With spring just a few short weeks away I wanted to create some little vases to hold fresh flowers or sprigs in bloom. I mixed two finishes to achieve this look, stone texture and matte paint in spring hues.


This is such an easy DIY project, all you need are some glass vases or containers or bottles, stone texture spray paint, acrylic craft paint, and painter’s tape. I used Krylon’s stone texture spray paint in the taupe pebble color. I sprayed my three little glass vases with two thin coats of spray paint (allow to dry between coats) then let them cure for a full 24 hours.



The next day use the painter’s tape (or frog tape) to create the line where you want the edge of the paint.



Using acrylic craft paint in your color of choice, apply a thick coat and use your fingers (not a brush) to spread it on the bottom half of the vase, but not so thick that it drips.



Don’t worry that the paint looks uneven when wet, it will level out. Here’s the trick, you need to peel off the painter’s tape slowly when the paint is wet to preserve the crisp line. Don’t leave the painter’s tape on the vase, this helps prevent the painter’s tape from peeling off the stone texture spray paint.

Allow the first coat to completely dry then repeat the process again: attach the painter’s tape along the paint line, apply yet another thick coat of acrylic craft paint, smooth it with your fingers, slowly peel off the tape, and allow to dry.

If for any reason you end up with an uneven line or if the stone texture peels off, do this: spray the stone texture spray paint into the cap that came with the can and touch up the stone spray paint with a small paintbrush. Worked for me!


The stone texture is a really nice contrast to the matte paint colors, I’m so pleased with how they turned out!


These containers can also be used to hold pencils, paintbrushes, matchbooks, candies, whatever! I brought them to my studio to brighten my space!




If you try it out for yourself, let me know how it goes!


Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley March 8, 2019

I’ve felt so productive all week, it’s such a great feeling! I listened to an inspiring podcast on Monday about unlocking your creative genius and then spent the remainder of the week designing new prints, painting in my studio, and also finishing a spring inspired DIY project that I’ll share next week.

Funny how creativity ebbs and flows like that. I find that one week I’ll be completely unmotivated and struggling to come up with anything new and then bam, inspiration strikes and the creativity flows once more. Do you experience that too?

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