10 Tiny House Tours

By Kate Riley January 8, 2018

Just about everyone starts the new year looking around their homes thinking “Ugh, how did I acquire all this stuff” accompanied by the immediate need to purge it all. We go around and around with this cycle every year, consuming as the months go by then looking back with frustration and decluttering yet again.

Motivated myself, I fell down the rabbit hole of tiny houses and small space living. This is a growing movement of people who have decided to give up their large homes in exchange for living in miniature dwellings crafted of shipping containers or tiny homes on wheels.

I’m fascinated by this lifestyle if it’s your solo dwelling, and the freedom it brings from living with just the essentials. There are other uses for these tiny houses as well, perhaps a second unit parked on your property to house guests, or for use as an alternative residence you can take on a road trip. The tiny house movement is growing in such popularity, it even has its own TV show where you can watch custom tiny homes being designed and constructed.

These are not cookie cutter projects, rather they are real homes that showcase how simply one can live with considered detail, organization, and the bare necessities, yet they don’t compromise style. Both creativity and craftsmanship are required to maximize every square inch so each home functions for the residents’ lifestyle and also reflects their design preferences as well.

These tiny home share all the modern amenities we appreciate in larger residential homes on foundations: contemporary light fixtures, sliding barn doors, plank wall treatments, cozy textiles, tiled bathrooms and backsplashes, but all on smaller scale. Here are the links to tour ten favorites.

1) Pacific Harmony – House on Wheels




2) Denali Craftsman House on Wheels




3) Pacific Pioneer – House on Wheels





4) Silhouette Tiny Home




5) Sacramento Container Home




6) Le Laurier House on Wheels




7) Mayflower Tiny Home




8) San Francisco Family Tiny House (with video!)




9) Eucalyptus Tiny House on Wheels




10) Cindy Lou House on Wheels



When you read the stories of people who have jumped on board the tiny house movement, the themes of simpler living, energy independence, and financial freedom repeat themselves. Most people I know wouldn’t give up their houses to live so small but the people who have done it speak passionately of the benefits.

The biggest takeaway for me when I look at these tiny houses is I’m inspired to take action and live smaller, with far less stuff, in order to have more freedom.

What takeaways do you get from tiny house living?


Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley January 5, 2018

It’s been quiet on the blog the last two weeks, thanks for your patience with me. I took a week off at the end of December, and I’ve spent the last week visiting with family and working on the flip house in Las Vegas. I made a lot of progress, the kitchen backsplash is installed and once the hood and appliances go in, it will be ready to style and photograph. Can’t wait to share!

Do you ever have so many ideas pop into your head you can’t write them down fast enough? That’s exactly how I feel right now. Taking time off after a busy holiday schedule was essential for me; it gave me time to dream, refocus, and plan for the upcoming year. I hope all of you are equally inspired and have hopes and plans to achieve your dreams in 2018!

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