Weekend Reading 4.22.23

By Kate Riley April 22, 2023

Weekend hellos! It’s been a bit quiet around here because I’m still in the middle of a move from my old office studio to my new one. The old space had an attached garage that we used for storage and since I’m committed to not renting a new space just to store a bunch of stuff I don’t need or want, I’m weeding through it box by box to donate or sell. I’ve spent several hours a day on this for the past two weeks and slowly but surely it’s close to being done. One more week of this madness and I’ll feel so much better.

I’m really excited about my new art studio space in town and I’m getting closer to finishing it for its opening the first weekend in May. There is much to do but I love it! May is the best month for weather where I’m at in California, not too hot and everything in bloom. I have plans to spruce up two spaces, our courtyard for the summer since I’m staying home and not doing any traveling in June or July, and our home library for morning relaxation. After spending the summer away last year, I’m looking forward to staying put for a few months, working on my new art space, and feeling gratitude for a lovely life.

Oooh, lots of bold and fresh color in this happy home decorated for professionals.

If you like light, bright, and white, you’ll love this lake house.

Find layers of blue textiles and lovely botanical wallpapers in this Connecticut home.

Creative DIY: make a garden obelisk with embroidery hoops.

Have you heard of juice jacking? Good information to be aware of.

Ten scientific studies that will encourage you to own less.

Twelve alternative European cities to visit instead of the crowded ones.

Phrases used by the emotionally intelligent.

Great comments on this post asking “What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?”

Yale’s most popular course on well being is free for all – register here.

This quiz predicts your life expectancy, what age will you make it to? (woah, I scored 102)

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  1. Awesome Links! I loved the one on the benefits of owning less! I had no idea that it could relieve stress. I also loved the life expectancy calculator but that one spooks me out a bit!

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