Weekend Reading 4.2.23

By Kate Riley April 2, 2023

For the last few days, I’ve been in the country of Malta, exploring the towns and seeing the sights. I went on a small group excursion today visiting the famous fishing village Marsaxlokk and the Blue Grotto. I have a little Airbnb apartment to myself where I relax in the morning and evening, but I spend my days exploring.

I did a few small group excursions while here and lucky for me the weather was sunny and mild. Then, as if perfectly timed, a soft rain began to fall on the third day and I ducked into a local wine shop and bought a bottle of locally made syrah. I took it back to my apartment, and sipped a glass at my tiny bistro table while watching the rain drops fall on the balcony that overlooks a narrow street. It was… enchanting. :)

I did manage to round up a few favorite links since I had a lot of travel time to browse through my various feeds, so here are some favorites from the week:

This photographer’s portfolio is filled with many inspiring interiors.

An elegant home filled with pattern and color.

I can’t decide which of these pantries I like best, all so good.

Fantasy mobile libraries. Now I want a real one.

An ingenious trick for assembling furniture faster.

Yes this does feel like the color of the moment.

A great way to repurpose a thrift store canister.

Feeling restless or bored? Consider these activities to enrich your life.

I’m posting stories on Instagram of my visit to Malta, stop by over there for views of adventures in that country!


  1. I enjoy your weekend reading a great deal and hope that you have a wonderful trip! I just wanted to comment on the article you linked about assembling bpxed furniture. I have an inexpensive rechargeable screw driver and a set of bits that I use for assembling that type of furniture. I find that for me, this works better because the rechargeable screw driver isn’t as powewrful as my power drill and driver so I don’t risk driving any of the fittings too far into the boards. The brand I have is Black & Decker but there are various inexpensive brands out there. I like using it for this job so much that I gave my children these for Christmas one year so they would have it to put together furniture in their homes as they moved out.

    • So great Candice! I have a set of bits that have allen wrench tips that I also use to assemble furniture, those are the best!

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