Pink Holiday Tree + Gilded Shell Ornaments

By Kate Riley November 15, 2022

Ever since we bought a house near the beach in Florida I’ve wanted a pink Christmas tree for the holidays. The first thing I did when I arrived on Sunday was get it all set up! Shades of pink and blue remind me of the nearby Siesta Key sunsets so I wanted the tree to reflect that.

It’s decorated with mostly store bought ornaments that will be easy to pack away in January. But I did make gilded shell ornaments for the tree, those can be seen up close.

My living room furniture is on its way so the room will be ready next week, I’ll share more pictures of the space when it’s all decorated. For now I’m just loving the tree all decorated in Florida inspired hues.


Instead of hanging three dimensional sea shells I found some that felt more modern and sculptural. These center cut shells I purchased online and then gilded the outside so the edges have a golden hue. The blush ribbon is attached with hot glue.

trochus salzeticus shells / cerethiam nodolosum shells

I found these center cut seashells from this shop on Amazon, and there is a varied selection if you’re inspired to create similar ornaments!

I sourced my tree collar and decorations from a few different places, links below.

blush pink 7’ treewhite woven tree collar  / ball ornament garland at Michaels (in store)

ivory flocked stems / rose gold ornaments / light green ornaments

gold foil tropical gift wrap / green glass bowl

Stay tuned for more images of this space next once our furniture arrives!

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