Weekend Reading 8.7.22

By Kate Riley August 7, 2022

I’ve enjoyed being back in California, it’s warm but I’ve always loved the month of August here and the transition from summer to the fall season. The fans whir from night until morning and we sleep in late. Just two more weeks until school starts!

This week I’ve been busy helping my daughter prep for her cross country journey since she is headed to college. We’re making lists and deciding what to pack, what to ship, and what to buy in New England. It’s bittersweet but I’m so excited for her!

Favorite links from the week:

How to whitewash butcher block countertops and shelves.

This mid century beach shack in Victoria that you can rent.

This family apartment in Paris.

The Hilfiger’s Palm Beach estate.

This basement laundry room renovation.

French country exteriors.

Vertical exterior siding in multiple styles.

Paper bags on a mantel.

Tips on how to wash a baseball hat.

Four questions to ask in seek of your purpose.

Made me laugh: the email reply we all want to send.


  1. Both my daughters attended college on the east coast-Maine and New York! Being from Chicago, they knew what wardrobe items they needed. I recommend not getting too much ahead of time, besides things she needs to try on, like snow boots. Other things can be added via online shopping once she’s there. Congratulations on this milestone!

    • We will need to buy all winter coats, shoes, etc when she’s there, online or in the big city. It’s such an exciting time for her! Thank you for your tips!

  2. That email! It says what we’re all really thinking. Lots of great links, as always. Thanks for including our laundry room. Best of luck to your daughter!

  3. I’m a San Diego gal who ended up at Tufts University, outside of Boston, for college (many moons ago). I learned during my first winter out there that if you’re cold, you’re not dressed warm enough! Your daughter will for sure meet some friends who were raised in cold weather and can steer her towards the proper winter attire. Part of my heart still lives in New England!

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