Tropical Popsicles

By Kate Riley July 5, 2022

Hello friends, I do hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend! We’re busy renovating here in Florida, hoping to finish the two bathroom remodels in the next few weeks! We’ve been doing a lot of landscaping work too, but it’s hot here! It’s 90 degrees most days so we’re always looking for ways to briefly cool off.

I made these tropical popsicles and they were a hit. They’re frozen tropical fruit on a stick!

The recipe is easy, it’s basically a combination of a few ounces of diced tropical fruit with a squeeze of lime juice and some bits of coconut too. You could vary this any way you like!

Ingredient list:

4 oz. fresh diced pineapple

2 oz. fresh diced peaches

2 oz. fresh diced mango

1 oz. fresh coconut bites

dash of half & half

juice from 1 lime

8 oz. coconut water

Note: these are not as sweet as store bought popsicles, they taste like blended natural fruit on a stick.

If you like sweeter popsicles, consider adding a sweetener like 1 tbsp sugar or a drop of stevia or using sweetened coconut water. Sweeten to taste before pouring into the popsicle molds.

my tools: 6 piece popsicle mold (popsicle sticks included)  /  smoothie blender with lid

Mix the fruit, coconut, coconut water and dash of cream together in a blender. Add a squeeze of one lime. Pour into popsicle mold, insert sticks, freeze six hours.

It takes about five minutes sitting on the counter for the frozen popsicles to loosen up inside the mold, but once they do, enjoy!

See today’s Reels on Instagram for a quick video on the assembly!

Happy summer !

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