Wood Trimmed Wall Niches

By Kate Riley March 11, 2022

It’s interesting all the different ways we come up with to create beautiful storage or display opportunities. We all love a great wall of bookcases and arched niches are an architectural trend.

There’s another look that’s caught my eye, it’s a slightly different kind of built-in: wood trimmed niches. The asymmetrical layouts are especially alluring to me.

Below are a few creative examples of ways to steal storage from inside your walls. Note how the wood trim adds contrast and warmth and can be incorporated in several ways, around the perimeter, along the back, or simply with shelf inserts.

elyse knowles 

nicky percival

villa massilia

anthology creative studio

source unknown, via pinterest

edwina boase


het badhuys

studio mcgee

studio ww styling


the design files, photo by caitlin mills

timeless design works

There’s an article on Better Homes & Gardens on how to build a recessed wall niche between studs. Wider or more intricate designs would require reframing interior walls.

What do you think, are you pro or anti wall niche?


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