Fall Flavored Apple Cinnamon Cocktail

By Kate Riley October 22, 2021

Can you feel it, the holidays just around the corner? It always feels like a race through November to get ready for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, to decorate, buy gifts, and recreate traditions. But I’m still enjoying the feeling of fall for a few more weeks!

To kick off the weekend, how about a fall flavored cocktail? This adult beverage is made with just three liquid ingredients, and the cinnamon sugar rim gives it extra flavor. The preparation looks best in a coupe glass because of the sparkling prosecco but you could also use a lowball glass for the mixture.

The ingredients in this fall flavored apple cinnamon cocktail are prosecco, cinnamon whiskey, and unfiltered apple juice or cider, paired with rim sugar made with 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, 2 tbsp sugar, and honey. Apple slices make an optional garnish.



Recipe for two cocktails:

In a cocktail shaker, pour 4 oz cinnamon whiskey and 4 oz. unfiltered apple over ice and shake to chill.


To create rim sugar, make a circle of honey on one plate and a circle of the sugar and cinnamon combined on another. Dip the top of the coupe glass into the honey, then dip the honey rimmed glass into the cinnamon sugar mixture.


Strain the whiskey and apple juice mixture into the coupe glasses, then top with another 2 oz. of prosecco per glass. In total each cocktail is equal parts 2 oz. whiskey, 2 oz. unfiltered apple juice, and 2 oz. prosecco. If you like cocktails a little more sparkling add and extra ounce of prosecco.


The perfect fall flavor in a glass!


If you’re wondering about the coupe glasses, mine are a set of four eve coupe glasses from CB2.

The coupe is similar to the old fashioned champagne glasses used in the golden years of Hollywood before flutes became the norm. The coupe is a throwback shape and is available in so many cool shapes and colors for entertaining.

These are a few coupes that have a bit more flair beyond basic clear glass. Time to stock up for your holiday festivities!


smoke champagne saucer (three colors) / faceted crystal

tropical tiki / short smoke


curvy wolcott / waterfall coupe (three colors)

fiorella coupe / long stem camille

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