Bathroom Design: Fixed Shower Panels

By Kate Riley September 21, 2021

Yesterday I shared on my Instagram stories some progress shots on our little two bedroom flip house and created the final to-do checklist before we can list it for sale.

For both bathroom remodels, I chose single pane glass shower panels. It’s a contemporary look, but one I prefer in small to mid size bathrooms with walk in showers. These tempered glass panels are available in a few different styles: framed, frameless, screen, and etched. Installation requires U brackets secured to the wall and shower floor with added silicone on both sides of the glass to stabilize the pane.

For my shower remodels I bought two of these frameless panels in satin brass, they were a lot less expensive than a local bid I got for shower doors. I’m so pleased with how light they feel compared to the alternative of framed sliding or a hinged shower door. (And less glass to clean!) The same panels are also available here with multiple bracket finishes available.

This “barely there” frameless style works for any walk in shower where there is additional space for entry and exit beyond the panel.

Below are a few examples where other designers have installed a similar fixed shower panel. Also find budget friendly sources for a similar style if you’re planning a shower remodel in the future. :)

melanie beynon

eva holbrook

adore magazine

the beach people

three birds renovation

Budget Friendly Shower Glass Panels:

curved top in satin brass

matte brass frame

matte black frame


matte black grid

fluted glass

framed fluted & clear

frameless panel (U bracket in chrome, bronze, black & brass)

arched top (multiple finishes)


  1. Question: Do you find a lot of splashing from the shower with this type of “door”? It doesn’t seem like that pane is big enough to prevent a lot of water from exiting the shower. Looks beautiful though.

    • Not as much as you think! See previous comments on use of a shower mat to help and location of shower head. :)

  2. I love this look. Any ideas of how well they keep water from escaping onto the floor? I’d love to do this for an upcoming remodel, but worry about the rest of my bathroom getting wet. I love the stacked tile and brass schluter around the niche! Can’t wait for your reveals!!

    • Thank you I love the tile and brass trim too! Sometimes water bounces off people and onto the floor, a small washable mat or towel can absorb that. If there’s a curb the water stays inside or when the shower floor is sloped to the drain, most of the water will go there.

  3. HI Kate,

    I always love your inspiring and thoroughly curated ideas on a particular design trend. I am actually looking for a paned or framed shower panel in a silver finish for my walk-in shower but have not been successful. I would appreciate any words of wisdom from you. Many thanks.

  4. I’d love to hear if anyone has experience with these panels. Do they let water out of the open side? How much?

    • A little, yes because water bounces off bodies, it also depends on the tilt and location of shower head. A small bathroom mat should soak up extra droplets should they occur.

    • Less than you think! If your floor is done correctly the water is headed toward your drain, and the excess splash in our experience tends to stay in the shower area still. Also, since the entire floor area is waterproofed, including the floor under the toilet area and beyond the shower opening, the amount of splash that gets anywhere is not going to cause damage. We’ve had our bath remodeled this way for a year and are still really happy with it. And here’s a tip, besides using a squeegee to dry the glass wall, we sqeegee the floor (with an extended handle squeegee) toward the drain, so excess water is drying quickly. This design makes a small bathroom feel much larger, I highly recommend it.

      • Great tips thanks so much Liz! Glad you love your bathroom space, and I agree it does make it feel larger and more airy. :)

  5. We have an open / glass wall shower in our new home. We were surprised by how cold it is in there as the open air doesn’t make it a cozy, humid spot in the fall/winter. A consideration depending on where you live.

    • These don’t enclose as much as doors or curtains do so there is some loss of steam imagine since it will spread around the bathroom space. I have a doorless walk in shower and it’s a similar situation but in a small or mid size bathroom the entire space will heat up depending on how long you shower.

    • Agree. I stay in the same hotel several times a year for work and it has shower glass like this. I am always so cold in there! It’s in Michigan, so a colder place. I thought about one in our basement bathroom/guest bath reno but didn’t want guests to be cold! It looks so beautiful though.

      • I imagine in northern states that’s true! We are in California so I believe temperature will be less of an issue in these small bathrooms. :)

    • Yes I’ve seen it done on bathtubs, but usually it’s a pivot door to give full access to tub.

  6. I just did this in our hall/guest bath in a complete renovation, and it’s great. I had done it 4 years ago on a tub/shower in a small bath where the shower curtain closed up the space so much – it really made a difference. Tip – on my current shower, I moved the valve control and handheld to the open end for ease of operation and quick rinse off of little ones (or a dog?), and it is essential that you have a rain shower head spraying straight down, as well. Looks beautiful, for sure. As for being cold – it works best in a small bathroom, or a huge shower like we have had in vacation rentals in Florida. You should see what they do in Europe – just wide open with no glass sometimes, and all the same floor!

  7. Wow! I really like these shower panel ideas especially the black-framed option.
    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration :)

  8. Thank you SO much for this post and all the comments. This has really helped up as we’re making decisions on a bathroom / shower remodel right now.

  9. Hello,

    I love your wood wall hung basin cabinet. Where is it from please. Thank you

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