Weekend Reading 5.15.21

By Kate Riley May 15, 2021

I’m trying a new experiment layering flattened flower petals and stems in resin. So far I’m having mixed results. My hope is to turn them into art or jewelry, so far I’m not sure it will become anything, but it’s fun to play and see if anything will come out of it. That’s always been my approach to DIY projects like this, give it a go and see what happens!

My pickleball lessons continue this weekend, my son and I are really enjoying playing together, it gets us out of the house and moving outdoors. Tomorrow I’m planting summer vegetable starts and might make a drive to the coast for some sun and sand. Wishing you all a lovely and relaxing weekend.

Favorite links from the week:

This kitchen proves that white is still a stunning choice for cabinetry!

This clever trick to turn glass cabinet doors into reeded lookalikes.

Chic and designed for fun: this DIY cornhole game project.

Dress up your plain interior doors with these moulding kits.

What to look for when buying a house to see if a home will need work.

Nice work on this stenciled concrete porch!

So cool, this salvaged book sculpture.

This is a great DIY decorative project using clay.

The lumber shortage explained.

A more realistic story about van life adventures.

These look so good: no bake snickers bars.

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  1. I tried pressing and drying out flowers in silica. Then I encased them in resin for jewelry and paperweights. I had a lot of fun the first year but have been disappointed with the washed out look, the colors have faded. Maybe you can achieve better results?

    Make sure to follow: https://www.modernpressedflower.com/ She is so inspiring, I took a Zoom class too. Her #1 tip, dont leave the flowers in the paper too long and change the paper every few days to keep the color.

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