Weekend Reading 4.25.21

By Kate Riley April 25, 2021

This month I gave myself new gifts in the form of self care: extra sleep and green juice. As often as possible, I’ve allow myself to sleep until I wake up naturally with no alarm and it’s the best feeling. I’ve also added green juice to my diet for the last month and my cells just feel cleaner. I like the Amazing Grass products which you can buy at Sprouts or Whole Foods, and also this powdered green juice. I drink half a packet in the morning with a glass of water and the second half in the afternoon, it has become a daily ritual. Who would have thought rest and nutrients could make you feel so good? ;)

In family news, I started taking pickleball lessons with my 15 year old son and we’re already having so much fun, I can see it’s one of those sports we can play together for life. There were a few months of the pandemic when we were really worried about him being so isolated. The sport gets us out of the house and into the sunshine and it’s nice to see him laughing again. It feels like the world is smiling more as we slowly move back toward socialization.

Favorite links from the week:

Black and white so right: this monochromatic home renovation.

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Paint it black: an impressive brick fireplace makeover.

Between the studs: bathroom wall storage ideas.

The vegetables that grow well in pots and containers.

Five kinds of clutter to remove from your life.

Insightful podcast: the path back to your true self.

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