Weekend Reading 2.7.21

By Kate Riley February 7, 2021

How are all of you? No doubt watching the Big Game today! I love the Superbowl… the snacks, the commercials, and the game itself. That’s how I’m spending my afternoon.

Today is my daughter’s seventeenth birthday. SEVENTEEN. I love hearing about her dreams and watching her live her best life everyday. I’m so excited for her future. She’s talking about exploring the world after she graduates in 2022 and going to university in Europe. I like to think she’s inspired by her mama but her courage and sense of adventure comes from within.  Perhaps someday we will be running around the world together. :)

Favorite links from the week below:

I spy a lot of pretty details in this condominium design project.

Many cool patterns and dark hues in this designer’s home.

I love a great ombré wallpaper, don’t you?

A moveable home designed to go anywhere with its owners.

Five types of white paint colors.

How to make trendy twisted taper candles.

Pin worthy: all the rub n’ buff colors on display.

How to be better at building trust.

My teenage son loves this weighted blanket he got for Christmas, he says it feels like a hug. :)

Some clues that you are going through a spiritual awakening.

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  1. My daughter has just turned 16 and is talking of going to Europe for university. We live in Sydney Australia but lived in Montreal for 5 years so my daughter learnt French when at primary school. I’ve just started researching university in France and Germany (she’s also learning German). I couldn’t believe it’s free to go to university in Germany! Even for international students. Wow.

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