Weekend Reading 1.17.21

By Kate Riley January 17, 2021

Hello all. We’re having a few beautiful sunny days here in Northern California so I’ve been outdoors as much as possible, taking long walks and yesterday a drive to the beach. It’s amazing how just a little sunshine can change your mood. :)

I’m halfway done assembling some new ladder bookshelves for my studio. I bought and read a lot of books in 2020 and they started to stack up, so I needed a place to put them all. They’re also an excuse to display more plants in some really cute planters I bought. I’ll share more about those later this week.

Favorite links from the week below:

Tour a nature inspired beach home renovation with 1950s retro vibes.

If you follow design, you know this popular cabinet design trend is still going strong.

A peek inside the Presidential Guest House.

How to make an extra wide linen headboard. More looks here.

A beautiful story of reinventing something old yet meaningful.

Five ways to make fresh herbs last longer.

Winter hiking trails across the USA.

Why Washington D.C. has a labyrinth of underground tunnels connecting key buildings.

A helpful technique for staying focused on tasks.

The unexpected gifts from a box of darkness.

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  1. Love the Slow Stitching post! Very timely for me, I have been off and running with abstract embroidery, and I’m loving it. I’m on my third piece now, and it’s amazing how each piece has varied so much. Here’s a link to my first piece, which was really fun to do: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKFgK7jjrHd/

    I have a large collection of old embroidered doilies and hankies from my Grandma, and I will incorporate them into my embroidery, and possibly explore a slow-stitch piece.

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