Destination Design: Amalfi Coast + Capri

By Kate Riley January 26, 2021

One of the things I miss about traveling is all the design inspiration I gather when I go someplace really special. I’m starting a new monthly series blending destinations with design inspiration. I love when the hotels and accommodations of a destination reflect the culture and history of the area and resist the temptation to blend into the sea of sameness.

I visited Italy a few times in my twenties but haven’t been back for a long time. I loved its architecture, history, food, and vistas and I was dreaming of a road trip around the Amalfi Coast. Those old hotels staggered along the rocky cliffs with stunning views of the blue sea, the fresh seafood and local wine, the boats and beaches and coastal botanicals. *sigh*

So I’m kicking off the series by bringing the vacation vibes from the western coast of Italy to you with these design takeaways I found inside the hotels and resorts located along the Amalfi Coast and on the island of Capri.

Destination Design: Amalfi + Capri

go bold in the bathroom with color or patterned tile

hotel santa caterina

 hotel mamela


paint glass doors a cheerful color, add some pillows in bright patterns

le sirenuse


add color to interior arches and niches

palazzo avino


have fun with geometric patterned floor tile

hotel marincanto


a pink sofa is always a good idea

villa brunella


mix brightly colored slipcovered furniture with plants

hotel poseiden


you can never go wrong with an oversized framed mirror

hotel caruso


a tufted headboard in a bright color makes a great focal point

hotel eden roc

gatto bianco


play with pattern behind the bed

casa tusci


mix mirror frame shapes

capri tiberio


a checkered floor is always classic

jk capri via arch digest


just let the plants climb the walls

le sirenuse

If you click on the links above, you’ll be treated to the photo galleries of all of these hotels and resorts which will whisk you away for a few moments to this enchanting part of the world.

While we can’t travel there now, we can at least appreciate its beauty from our own corner and visit virtually. Yay internet!

Won’t this be a fun series? Look for another Destination Design feature in February!



  1. Oh my! I can’t wait to travel again. This was a breath of fresh air! Italy is on my list for 2021 if we are able to travel. It was supposed to be in 2020, but let’s see if it pans out for this year…fingers crossed!

  2. Oh, Kate! Thank you for the unexpected stroll down memory lane. I was there three years ago and remember many of the places you shared and enjoyed a peek inside. You warmed my cold, snow filled, January heart. Best, Alissa

    • Ohhh your comment makes me happy because you’re happy!
      If only we could feel the warmth of the sun on the coast of Italy right now!

  3. The Amalfi coast is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. I’d go back there in a minute. Pandemic sigh…It’s a tie with Santorini for my favorite. Let’s go to Santorini next month in your series! ❤️ My husband and I make our own limoncello inspired by a boat captain we met in Sorrento and his recipe. We even ordered Italian lemons this past summer, but the US Department of Agriculture confiscated them. 😩 They aren’t allowing shipments of Italian lemons in the country anymore. Never fear though! Lemon Linda in California has the same Italian varietals so we have a connection to make authentic Italian limoncello now! Just a taste of that from time to time transports me back to that amazing trip!

    • I’ve made limoncello but just with organic lemons from the grocery store, your source sounds a million times better!

  4. You did a wonderful job!! I was lucky enough to stay at Le Sirenus and every minute was a dream! Next time, I would also include a photo of each Oceanview from these locations. Natures designs are the reason we place all of our Interior Designs here! Thank ypu!!

  5. I am one of your very loyal readers that hardly ever comments but I wanted you to know how much I love your blog. Today’s post is such a fantastic idea and you did a great job inspiring me!

  6. Thank you so much for doing this series! My hubby and I visited the Amalfi coast in 2009 and it remains one of our favorite destinations. Our last trip to Italy in 2019 included Lake Como and there you get similar vistas with the villages nestled on the hillsides above the water. Oh to be there again!
    I also enjoy the design inspiration from travel. I noticed in my first trip to Italy how they are much freer they are in their use of tile. The visual differences are some of the many things that make the visits so fun. I enjoy noticing the differences in the way Europeans dress as well.
    I look forward to the next post of the series!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Kim! I miss Lake Como too, one of the most scenic places in the world!

  7. You have a point. Travelling gives you some ideas. When you see a different decoration, you start thinking to what did they think when they did it? Nice post…

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