Weekend Reading 12.6.20

By Kate Riley December 6, 2020

I’m behind on the holiday decorating this year. I haven’t pulled out any decorations, and we still haven’t gone to get the family Christmas tree! I’ve been in such a relaxed state since Thanksgiving but I’m hoping to get my groove back.

I’m feeling slower and lazier this year, but the plan is to bring out the bins tomorrow after we pick up a tree at a local lot. My Christmas countdown has begun. Tell me I’m not alone in not having my entire house decorated and done by now. :)

Favorite links from the week:

This is a beautiful exterior makeover.

Fantastic condo refresh!

Eight garden related reasons to be grateful in 2020.

Use your backyard leaves to make simple free art for your home.

How cute are these two dancing to Jingle Bells?!

Woah, it’s a Christmas tree made with pampas grass!

Curiouser and curiouser: what’s up with the third monolith?

The “best” 25 cities in the world.

Why dating in a pandemic is like being in a Jane Austen novel.

I’m repeatedly wearing leggings from this source because they are the softest.

Clementine and other vintage baby names that should make a comeback.

Incredible: watch Chihuly’s glass fire baskets come to life.




  1. You are most definitely not alone. We’ve had an exceptionally busy year without even adding the pandemic part as a factor. Hubs has traveled a lot this yr for work (whenever pandemic possible) as company he works for was bought out & he’s IT & a major part of the transition team. We have 2 lils ages 6 & 10 & all the fun school challenges there, which has meant changes within the home to accommodate everything. We have young adult children: DD 24 (out of the house), DS 20 (moving out in Jan) & DS 18 (bought his own home earlier this yr). Add to that aging parents, MIL lives with us. My mom had an osteoporosis related back injury in Aug & my disabled father had a health challenge arise in late Sept. Both are recovering well (now). We’ve been working on multiple projects in & around the house as time permits (not enough). Got 2 kitten sisters before pandemic took off. So to say I’m not rushing to decorate, is really understating it all. Naturally, with kitties our living & dining rooms (connected) needed rearranged to accommodate anchoring the tree. I have a plan. It’s a simple one (KISS): tree, mantel garland w stockings, lit wreath on front door, seasonal towels & scents in bathrooms & kitchen, seasonal candle(s) sprinkled around the house and lit garland on railing on outside steps. Not even worrying about rest of outdoor decorating ie: our trough planters at ends of wrap around driveway, lights on house, seasonal door mats, mailbox,
    etc. I’m also not worrying about vignettes in every room or even changing out throws & pillows in living rm. I know more is coming in new yr with bedroom changes & a couple other room purpose modifications that need to happen. Praying for a calmer 2021 with the new routines getting solidified. I’m ready to leave the chaos of 2020 in the past.

    • I’m not rushing to decorate either Ella! 2020 is such a different year for reasons you mentioned, so no reason to treat it as the others. :)

  2. I feel slower and lazier too!!! I have the tree inside, but nothing on it. I did outside decorations first, because it is snowing today and I wanted that to be finished…
    We are in the middle of a master suite reno and there are piles everywhere. I decided not to decorate the piles…..

  3. I checked out the leggings link. There’s so many blends! Do you have a fav fabric? I can’t make a choice!

    • I’ve bought several of the black/graphic pattern versions…. they’re all so great! It’s hard to choose.

  4. I, like many others during the pandemic, I was engaged in repairing my house. What else to do on a forced vacation? And I realized that I really like doing repairs. I like driving, thinking about ideas, going to the store, and buying building materials, picking out techniques or decorating techniques. My wife is delighted with this since she has a lot of time and the need to come up with decor for our joint home. But I ran into a problem when I started to make repairs in the bathroom, I realized that I don’t know a lot: how to lay pipes correctly, how to make insulation and where it is possible and where it is impossible to do insulation.

  5. So nice to see a blogger say this (being behind on the decorating, etc), as so many home bloggers seem to have it all done and “together.” I enjoy seeing all the pretty pictures, but I was feeling bad at the same time, because I am behind with it all this year. My teens are home with distance learning and we got a new Australian Shepherd puppy, wow, she takes a ton of time! So thank you, very nice to know that I’m not the only one. Love your weekend reading posts, always a favorite that I savor!
    -Jamie in Salinas (not far from you)
    PS come visit the Steinbeck Center one day, you would like it!

    • Thank you so much Jamie! I appreciate your words.
      I will put the Steinbeck Center on my list!!

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