Weekend Reading 9.13.20

By Kate Riley September 13, 2020

I was reminded that three years ago this week I was touring the south of France, and the pictures and videos made me reminisce about some very special spots I’ve been lucky to travel to. International trips are off the table until next year and I’ve made peace with that given the state of the world, but I do look forward to exploring again.

I’m finishing a little DIY project today and I also have some creative work I’ve been doing behind the scenes that I’ll be sharing in the weeks to come. The one thing this quieter lifestyle has brought is more time to dive deep into creative work and also more time to connect with people in my circle.

We still have a lot of wildfires happening here on the west coast, but thankfully the air quality has improved where I am in Northern California. I may take a quick trip to the coast this evening just to breathe even fresher air, that always helps. :) Favorite links from the week below:

This light filled tiny home is a guest cottage in Malibu.

DIY: how to build a farmhouse plant stand.

Nicely done! This inspirational attic transformation.

How to makeover your coffee table with plywood scraps.

How fun is this foliage filled yurt!

Outdoor activities to try when you feel stuck inside.

Six ways for artists to tackle perfectionism.

Norway’s concept of ‘friluftsliv’ may be just what you need.



    • Yes, I live on the mendocino coast and our air quality has been worse than inland the past few days.

  1. I love how your guest cottage looks. I’m so sorry for all the fires going on there on the west coast. I have really been into the farmhouse decor lately. I also have been taking on some other things from home since there isn’t much to go out and do during this pandemic. I live in Texas. I am interested in your DIY projects. I will be checking back in frequently to see what yo have going on.

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