Weekend Reading 5.31.20

By Kate Riley May 31, 2020

I had one joyful moment this week watching my teens finish out their school year successfully, that was really nice, but the truth is I’ve had a very heavy heart. Not just from the latest challenges brought on by the coronavirus, but a broken heart felt from the death of George Floyd and our country’s continuing struggle with racism and racial justice. I am sickened and saddened that this keeps happening. We can’t be silent. We can’t look away.

Today what is on my heart is this: I am white and I have no idea what it’s like to grow up and live in America as a person of color. I wish every white person would take a moment to pause and recognize this. It’s an uncomfortable topic for some white people, but it shouldn’t be because our discomfort does not compare to the discomfort our fellow humans of color experience in America every day.

Let’s lean in on the topic instead of turning away, ignoring, or minimizing it. Let’s be better at listening and giving more attention to the voices of people of color and their experience. Let’s pay close attention to this systemic problem and hold space for the collective pain that exists. Let’s educate ourselves about where change needs to happen and how we can help. Let’s be better at honoring generational pain, felt individually and collectively. Let’s draw attention to the violated, the marginalized, and the oppressed. Let’s hear their voices and recognize their cause. The more we listen, the more we learn. Let us see every person as a human being so we can treat each other with love and respect. Let us all learn, and grow, and become part of the change for our children, for humanity, for justice, for harmony.

As I regularly share, here are some inspiring design and travel related articles I found on the internet.

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Stay well friends. Spreading peace and love.



  1. You stated your thoughts (and mine) so beautifully. It’s not easy….but it has to be done.

  2. Kate, thank you for this meaningful post. I have shared this with friends. I think if each one of thought of even one tiny positive thing that we could do, we might feel like part of the solution. For some it is defending their belief on social media, some may be essential workers that try to smile , despite their fear. Your post has me contemplating how I can do more.

  3. You are just being silly and PC. Your so-called “privilege” consisted of your and your family’s hard work. I’m sure you think you’ve earned everything you have. The people who peacefully protest walk around with signs and sing stirring songs. The people who are looting and burning and defacing the Lincoln Memorial, et al., are criminals and terrorists. However, if you insist on “understanding” them and feel ashamed of your “privilege,” invite them to your house so they can share their “discomfort” with you instead of destroying the businesses and livelihoods of innocent others, white and minorities alike. After you do that, I suggest you talk to your kids about how they should not go to college because of their “white privilege” and their spots should go to less-qualified minorities because it’s only fair. It’s easy to blab about your “feelings” on a blog. Put your real life — and lives of your family members — where your mouth is. I’m sure you’ll delete this comment as you had done to comments in the past, but maybe it will make you re-think your silly pablum.

    • You are entitled to your opinion Elena and I am not deleting your comment because what you stated is your opinion, but it’s not an accurate reflection of who I am, where I stand, how I live, who my friends are, and how I guide and educate my children.

      I am listening intently to the conversation on racism and the systemic hurdles faced by black people and people of color. I believe in active listening and calm conversation when facing difficult and uncomfortable subjects. Belittling someone else’s feelings isn’t constructive on this topic. The less we speak and the more we listen, the more we learn.

  4. Elena’s comments make me so sad – so much anger. I pray that we can come together to make this country better and more equal.

  5. I’m not sure what’s going on in Elena’s life that she would make an ignorant comment like that, but I’m sure that most of your readers appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this super important topic, as I do. As you and I both know, White privilege is real and it means that white people have the privilege of not experiencing the specific hardships and the specific effects of racism that People of Color experience. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. Anyway, Kate, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for keeping an open heart and an open mind.

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