Weekend Reading 3.1.20

By Kate Riley March 1, 2020

First I want to say thank you so much to everyone who gave my new site Restless Art such a warm welcome! Words can’t express how I am so encouraged by your emails, comments, and Instagram follows! Thank you so much!

Yesterday I landed in Key West and I’m here for four days. I’m sharing some of what I’m seeing around town in my Instagram stories, I’m already head over heels in love with the porches with blue ceilings and colorful shutters on the homes here. Wow!

Today I’m biking all around the island and on Tuesday I’m driving up to Key Largo so let me know if there are any stops along the way I should see! I’d be so happy for you to send me your recommendations! Here’s a picture I shot on yesterday’s walk around town and this week’s favorite links!

Well done: this 650 square feet rental condo decorated in neutral textures.

How cool is the backsplash tile in this condo mid mod kitchen?!

It’s Spoonflower’s spring mag, always an inspiration for fabric lovers!

Nine rare natural phenomena worth traveling for.

This is a thoughtful list of how to engage with those living with Alzheimer’s.

A great article explaining intuition and what your gut feeling is.

Yum! A giant vegan hummus board!

Motivation for the dreamers and doers. (Keep going).

My latest travel story is about seeking out strangers.



  1. I love your love for travel; it mimics my own! Would you mind sharing tips on how you are able to afford to do this? I often feel I need to be rich to travel, so I would love any suggestions you’ve found to be helpful, to inspire me to make more of my own travel dreams a reality.
    Thank you! :)

    • Hi Bri! I’m a budget traveler, I hunt for the cheapest flights and often that means traveling at inconvenient times but I still do it. I also look for budget accommodations too, inexpensive hotels, or Airbnbs. I plan ahead and do a lot of research to save money wherever I can. I save a portion of my income every month for traveling because it’s a passion but also my work that I love too! I pinch pennies wherever possible back home. I don’t buy luxury goods or clothes or go out to eat very much because I’d rather save money on travel. That’s my priority! So my best advice is just to create a budget or savings account for yourself and put money away for travel if it’s important to you. :)

  2. I’ve no deal why but when I tapped to see the first item I was sent to an Apartment Therapy site instead. The same thing happened when I tapped to read about Alzheimer. I was sent to a completely different site.

  3. Hey Kate Riley,
    Great post as usual. I really enjoyed reading it as well. Besides, Thanks for sharing these wonderul ideas . keep up the good work.

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