Weekend Reading 2.16.20

By Kate Riley February 16, 2020

Another late weekend reading post, but I couldn’t help but spend extra time in the sunshine. The last two days have been those sunny yet mild early spring days that make me want to be outside.

I started running again. Right now, it’s more like jogging then walking, jogging than walking. I used to be able to run the 3½ mile loop around my neighborhood without stopping so it’s a new goal to be able to do that again. I have to mix up my fitness routine every few months or I get bored, so I’m back to running a few times a week, especially if it’s a sunny morning.

I had a great trip to Palm Springs! I walked through a few iconic hotels and drove around the famous neighborhood of mid century style houses with the painted doors. I like the dry desert atmosphere and I did a lot of meandering. It was a short but welcome getaway!

Favorite links from the week:

Heather shared some great tips on styling a display cabinet.

This is a lovely bathroom remodel!

A helpful tutorial on how to install a stair runner (great rug choice too!)

43 new recipes to upgrade your weeknight chicken dinner.

Yet another study that explains why people who are active are happier.

So awesome: South Africa’s female anti poaching unit.

Beyond Sonoma, Napa, & Paso Robles: 14 under the radar wine country destinations.

Eight warning signs of a dishonest person.

A few prompts to help you have a hard conversation.


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  1. Kate, the bathroom remodel by Sunny Circle Studio was lovely. But, four hooks on one wall and six small, close-together hooks on another wall and no towel rack in sight.
    Really, functionally speaking, where do real people hang damp towels to dry properly?,

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