Spring Desktop & Phone Wallpapers

By Kate Riley February 10, 2020

Today is such a beautiful day! In February, we get a few days with clear skies and soft sun and it’s just enough sunshine to get me so excited for spring. I do most of my traveling in spring and fall, and I’ve been grounded since August when I went to Peru so I’m excited because….today I’m headed to Palm Springs! I’m there on a whirlwind trip for just 48 hours to tour the town, take pictures, and visit with one of my favorite cousins who lives nearby. We try to connect once a year so I’m excited to see him tomorrow! Follow along on my Insta stories tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll be running around town photographing the iconic spots!

I received a request from a few readers for new desktop wallpapers, so I designed three new versions for spring. The 16 by 9 ratios work for most desktop monitors, and the 16 by 10 ratios work great for most laptops. Just click on the links below to download the .jpg file and use it as wallpaper on your computer or cellphone.The first design is this watercolor wash desktop and phone wallpaper, I’ve added a March calendar to it.

Watercolor Wash Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 9 ratio

Watercolor Wash Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 10 ratio

Watercolor Wash Cell phone wallpaper 9 by 16 ratio


Next is a climbing vine design, you may recognize it from this fabric pattern. ;)

Vine Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 9 ratio

Vine Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 10 ratio

Vine Cellphone Wallpaper 9 by 16 ratio

And finally a cherry blossom pattern.

Cherry Blossom Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 9 ratio

Cherry Blossom Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 10 ratio

Cherry Blossom Cellphone Wallpaper

All wallpapers for personal use only.

I’ll share some of my Palm Springs adventures in my Instagram stories this week and I’ll be back Wednesday!



  1. This is sweet of you ! I love the fresh hint of spring on my iPhone
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I never thought about changing my wallpaper as a seasonal thing. Hell, I never thought about it as decor. What an absolutely fabulous idea! I really, really like the idea of something fresh, new and inspirational which will make my whole laptop seem different. Thanks for this one – very clever.

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