Afternoon Chat: What’s Your Enneagram?

By Kate Riley January 31, 2020

Hey friends, I’m still busily working on that new website I keep mentioning, and fingers crossed it will go live next week! It’s exciting, I’ll keep you posted!

For a fun Friday experiment, let’s have an afternoon chat about enneagrams. According to Wikipedia they’re a model of the human psyche understood as nine interconnected personality types. Each type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting based on inner motivations and worldview. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Have you tested yourself?

It’s no surprise to me I turned out to be predominately a Number Seven: Enthusiast. Sevens want to have as much fun and adventure as possible and wish to experience as much good as the world has to offer. Also referred to as Adventurers, Sevens are energetic, optimistic, curious, and seek to contribute something to the world. Sevens love connection and seek it socially through conversation and laughter. We are open minded, see life as an adventure, and the world as our playground. We are productive when inspired by something that stimulates us and we love having a lot of freedom. Definitely me. :)

Drawbacks of being a Seven: We dream about all the things we want to do and feel there is never enough time to do them. We can be a little scatterbrained and will leave projects unfinished. Our minds move rapidly from one idea to the next. We get impatient with needy or clingy people, and we get bored with routine so we can be discontented being in one place for too long. It’s claimed we’re not introspective and don’t like to confront our emotions so we seek out distractions. Perhaps that’s generally true for Sevens, but in the last few years, I’ve definitely been one to examine myself and do the “inner work” as it’s called in the wellness community. Investing in personal growth has helped me connect with my fellow humans to an even greater degree.

The Enneagram test is a fascinating look into your personality! There’s a free test you can take online. Give it a go if you never have!

Which of the nine personalities did you turn out to be? Do you agree with the assessment?



  1. I am a 2. The description was basically correct about how I operate. Since my careers encompassed mental health and higher education, I can’t argue with the results!

  2. I am a 9. The first time I heard about it I saw the description, Peacemaker, and said “yep, that’s me”. I have taken 3 or 4 versions of this test and they all verify that I am a 9!

  3. I’m a 1, and my husband’s a 9 – the enneagram helped me understand some of what makes us different. As a 1, I feel the need to constantly improve myself and my world, while as a 9 he accepts himself and the world around him. We’re good for each other. :)

  4. LOVE these kinds of tests-I’m an 8, The Challanger
    Seeing as how I am a “Questioner” via Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies, I;d say this is correct as well. Descriptions are spot on!

  5. I’m a Type 2w1 and I can’t find the description of what that means, it’s probably a case of not looking in the right place?

  6. I’m a 1w9. Quite an abnormal combo. But that’s me! Definitely a 1 for sure.

  7. I’m a 4, individualist or something like that. Seems an accurate enough description.

  8. I just took the test again, the previous numbers were from about 6 months ago (2 and 7)

    Now I’m a 3 and 2 which my husband read and agreed with?

  9. I’m a 5 (the Investigator), which fits with a thoughtful, eccentric introvert. I also once read somewhere that fives are the most common type for serial killers – ha! Glad to hear you’re a 7 – they have a lot of fun!

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