Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley December 29, 2019

I love this week so much, the down time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is when I get so much done. Today I cleaned my garage top to bottom, and while my back hurts from all the lifting and moving, organizing and sweeping, the space is clean and I can finally park my car inside again. :)

I’m going to relax tomorrow and watch some football games. It’s supposed to rain all day so that makes it easy to spend it on the couch. :) I’m very excited for January! I have a few new fabric patterns I designed that will be available and I’m launching a new business too! You’ll see both soon.

Favorite links from the week:

Tour a cosmopolitan family friendly home in Sydney.

Inventive materials were used throughout this creative home remodel.

Ten popular bathrooms from 2019.

This is a stylish way to display western hats.

Memory lane: the biggest toy of the year from the last 50 years.

How single women are changing the economy.

This + this = proof you need not be a parent to transform a child’s life.

Wow, is this really a new trend?!



  1. I wish the travel industry would start accommodating the single traveler by not applying a surcharge or in some cases charging double for cruises and other forms of travel tours. Offering to match me up with another solo traveler of same sex is not the answer I’m looking for.

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