Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley December 14, 2019

Weekend hellos friends! This is a crazy week, isn’t it? I have been to two holiday parties this week and have two more to attend this weekend, whew! So.many.social.activities this weekend, amiright?

All week I’ve been in a major purging phase, you know the one we all go through in January? Yeah, I’m already cleaning out closets and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve me and carting it off to the thrift store and it feels soooo good! It’s like I want to be ready for January before it’s January so when January arrives, I’m ready. Make sense? :) I’ve been listening to this podcast all week and it’s got me revved up for next year, another contributing factor to my “2020, let’s do this” mode. :)

Favorite links from the week:

According to Domino, this is the collective dream house of 2019.

Favorite holiday DIYs: these bottlebrush trees and these vintage Christmas gift tags.

We do a lot of these hip stretches in my regular fitness class and they’re soooo beneficial.

Side by side: actors and the famous people they portrayed on the screen.

Yes to this: the case for traveling alone.

I just love her perspective on life,  don’t you?

Tips for overcoming anxiety and facing your fears.

The world needs more celebrities photoshopped into office stock photos.

I wear a lot of beanies in the winter so this anecdote made me laugh.

Wishing you all the merriest weekend!



  1. I loved the article (and many others that followed on that site) about the grandmother’s perspective on life. Such true gratitude and happiness! I hope someone saves the article for her granddaughter to keep.

  2. Wow-once I started reading the stories on the Humans of New York site, I couldn’t stop! Amazing stories of hope, resilience, resignation and regret. Very powerful.

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