Sunlit Stroll through Aveiro

By Kate Riley September 5, 2019

In May, I traveled to Portugal, to the Algarve region, and also Lisbon and Sintra. On our way north to Porto, my travel mate and I made a one night stop in Aveiro. I’d read about the town and the canals and glad we got a chance to see it, it was really sweet! Aveiro is less than an hour from Porto, so it could be done on a daytrip, but instead we chose to spend the night. Aveiro is charming and small, and totally walkable in an afternoon.

I woke up early to blue skies, and after a quick breakfast at our hotel we stepped out to see the town. My travel mate and I meandered through the streets at a slow pace, people watching and listening to the rhythm of the town: the shop owner sweeping up in front of their store, the clinking of glasses the waiters gather after patrons leave a bistro, the music drifting out of an apartment window above a cafe.

I kept my camera ready at all times. Vignettes appear out of nowhere, which is the appeal of strolling on foot. I squinted in the sun at all the buildings awash with bright colors and azulejos tiles in shades of blue, green, and brown.





Aveiro is famous for its Moliceiro boat rides through the canals, easy to find since they’re right on the riverfront. It’s touristy and not the most thrilling excursion, but you will get some views of the cute town as you ride through the canals.


One additional sight Aveiro is famous for includes the candy striped beach houses facing the river on the Praia de Costa Nova. I never made it there, but it’s a reason to return, and one more stop to consider if you visit!


As evening sets in Aveiro, the colors change, they become more muted, just like the sky. The setting sun was a signal that it was time to pick a place to eat.






For dinner, we chose Obairro in the middle of town where the waiter entertained us with stories to accompany the recommended local dishes. Under the influence of the wine from the Duoro Valley, it was here I considered perhaps I need more blue and white plates in my life. :)

So many travelers I meet have just been or are about to go to Portugal, as you can see, Aveiro is another reason why! :)



  1. Hi Kate, OMG I know exactly where you took these photos! You took me back to my childhood hometown. I remember fondly walking these streets with my Mom. Your photos captured the essence and spirit of the city. Aveiro is lovely and has much to offer in food, entertainment and sights. Hope you have an opportunity to return. P.S. You’ll love the beach towns of Costa Nova and Barra. Thanks – I needed a pick me up. :)

  2. I love reading about your travel adventures and refer back to your posts often for information when visiting a town or city you’ve been to. I’m planning a trip to the wine countries of Portugal and Spain and was wondering how you get around. Do you rent a car to see all these cute towns or are you brave enough to travel on public transportation? I don’t speak anything but English and so far I’m a little bit scared to venture out like you do (but I sure want to).

    • Hi Olivia! Public transportation is very good in both Portugal and Spain, I love riding the trains, and sometimes buses if there’s no train available. It’s easy to purchase tickets online or at the station. I have never rented a car because I like to be relaxed as I look at the landscape when I travel from town to town, but I’m not opposed to it, in fact I’d love to have a camper van someday and travel all across Europe. :) Being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language can be a little intimidating, so I’d suggest studying up on basic travel phrases, but don’t let the language barrier stop you! Be courageous and put yourself out there, you’ll be fine! Also plenty of people in the travel industry speak English, but I try not to rely on that.

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