Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley August 9, 2019

My friends, I’ve arrived! Today I’m in Cusco, Peru wandering around this old city, and tomorrow I’m attending a wedding as a guest of one of my dearest friends in a magnificent old hotel. I’ll be sharing scenes in my stories on Instagram! How exciting to be in a new country tasting the food, seeing the sights, and learning their traditions.

I have a few posts scheduled for next week but I left my laptop at home (first time ever!). Usually I bring it with me when I travel, but I challenged myself this time to step away from work entirely and just live in the moment. I’m inspired by others who are able to do that, so I’m putting it into practice myself.

Favorite links from the week:

This California getaway is picture perfect (don’t miss the zellige tile kitchen backsplash, wow.)

This well decorated home has striking bathroom tile!

I really love this fireplace tile installation.

This home shows us exactly how to blend wood and blue painted cabinets.

Those who love farmhouse style will appreciate the details in this rural home in England.

Nice job on this built in banquette!

Another guide to the “100 best” places to visit in 2020.

Ha ha isn’t this the truth. :)

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