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By Kate Riley August 3, 2019

Weekend hellos my friends! I am so excited that my cousins from Australia have come to visit this weekend, all the way from Melbourne. Two years ago, I spent three days in Melbourne with them and now they’ve come to visit me! I’ll be playing tour guide, taking them out to the vineyards to experience my five favorite wineries in Sonoma. I always enjoy them more when I get to live the fresh experience vicariously through their eyes.

Favorite links from the week:

Oh how we love you layered neutral hues with touches of blue.

All the heart eyes: deep green walls and a velvet pink sofa in Jo’s library.

Simple yet stunning, especially the floor tiles, this bathroom renovation.

This tiny house is fresh, fun, and so well done.

Southerners, is this true, are all of these 24 phrases commonly used?

The subtle art of connecting with anyone.

I love message in a bottle stories, don’t you?

Not morbid, rather, an act of love: creating a “when I die” file.

How a retired teacher turned a hobby into a lucrative business.

Excellent tips for combatting the Sunday Sads.


  1. Daggon right we Southerners use every one of these phrases! Thanks for the fun read!

  2. I’d say about half those Southern phrases are absolutely everyday vernacular and half are old fashioned or literary… Louisiana people (my husband’s ‘kin’) always say “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” to mean “I sure hope so!”

  3. I have lived in Virginia my entire life. I have cousins in North Carolina and friends from Chattanooga and Atlanta. And yes m’aam, we say all of those things.

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I always enjoy your “weekend reading” posts. They are well curated and I take the time to look at every link and am never disappointed. In this busy world of ours, it is my own little “me” time.
    Thank you!

    • How kind Britton, thank you! I eliminate a lot of “fluff” that I think is just click bait or useless, I always want there to be a takeaway.
      Thank you very much for this kind comment!

  5. Oh yes! Southern colloquialisms. They forgot “slap your momma” as in something is so good it will make you want to slap your momma, bless her heart.

  6. I’m a born and bred Floridian and yes, we do say a lot of those sayings. :-)

  7. Born and raised in VA, transplanted to NC 35 years ago. And I’ve heard every single one of those phrases my entire life. One that I added to my phrasebook since moving to NC: pinch his head off. Of course, you have to pronounce it “peench his head off.” I had a co-worker who would get so irritated with her kids she would threaten to pinch their heads off.

  8. Yes, we say all of them! Only my late mother always said “full as a tick” not “fat as a tick” plus she had a few others (quite colorful) that would now be considered politically incorrect. One that is still OK (I guess?) that I don’t hear much any more is “You smell like gals goin’ to meetin’!” which means you are wearing a very strong perfume. I have also heard the ones the other commenters mentioned. You might get a kick out of this one, too: “That hat would make me look like a bug under a collard leaf!” meaning a hat has too big a brim for a short person. ?

    • OMG Ellen those are *GREAT* I love the “gals goin’ to a meetin'” can I adopt it??

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