Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley July 6, 2019

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Fourth of July festivities wherever you were. I was in Las Vegas with family and friends but I also had a big job to do. We sold the house we owned since 2013, the home we remodeled top to bottom and held onto for a few years to let it appreciate in value.

The house was furnished because we would stay there a few times a year and entertain friends, so we had to tackle the headache of getting rid of furniture, moving out, and preparing it for new ownership. It reminded me how much I *hate* moving, it’s exhausting. But I also felt so much gratitude all week for the memories shared there and all the families and friends we hosted over the years. It’s the end of an era but I’ll be looking for a new investment property soon! Currently keeping my eye on Lake Tahoe… I’ve always wanted to fix up a little cabin in the mountains!

Favorite links from the week:

Find stunning interiors + seamless indoor outdoor flow in this California custom home.

So charming and kid friendly, this Byron Bay beach house renovation.

Relieve stress in one of Sweden’s 72 hour glass cabins.

11 companies that sell alternative door options for IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Oak bathroom and kitchen cabinets looking so good in this parade of homes.

Drone killers and the new war in the sky.

“Not like the other girls.”


  1. I want to move into that Byron Bay beach house right now! ? (Except we just moved into a new house. And you’re right, moving is awful! We downsized by half and had so much to get rid of! That’s the hardest part!)

  2. I love the photos of the California Custom Home in the link you shared. The white-on-white reminds me of your article last week about creating more natural light – the white walls and lighter marble and natural stone here really seems to accentuate the natural light that comes in through the large windows.

    • I totally agree Kathleen, the white and light add to the serenity of the space too.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your “weekend readings” and look forward to them! And that California custom house–wow!

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