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By Kate Riley April 27, 2019

Would it surprise you to learn I’m on a plane yet again? Ha ha, probably not. :) Today I’m landing in Portugal and I’ll be exploring this country for 9 days with a dear travel mate. My friend Gro and I travel so well together and we like to take a trip together once a year so for 2019 we chose Portugal after reading (and hearing) so many stories of its beauty.

We’ve got a lot to see in the limited time we have! Our train stops are Faro –> Albufeira –> Lagos –> Lisbon –> Aviero –> Porto. I’m looking forward to the sea cliffs in Algarve and the ceramic tiles in Lisbon and the charm of Porto, and of course the food and wine! Follow along on Instagram stories, I’ll post some views and the things that inspire me most!

Favorite links from the week:

Such a pretty spring DIY: saucer magnolia flowers.

These murals, so vibrant and expressive.

I’m a lover of black windows too.

An Instagram rebellion:  young influencers abandoning “the look”.

Five ways to train your eyes to see like an artist.

Not surprising: what people think is the most relaxing color.

The benefits of letting kids get dirty.

Have you been watching the man who solved “Jeopardy”?

The Airbnb effect in Barcelona and around the world.

Ha ha, true! Every DIY project requires three trips to the hardware store. :)

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