Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley March 8, 2019

I’ve felt so productive all week, it’s such a great feeling! I listened to an inspiring podcast on Monday about unlocking your creative genius and then spent the remainder of the week designing new prints, painting in my studio, and also finishing a spring inspired DIY project that I’ll share next week.

Funny how creativity ebbs and flows like that. I find that one week I’ll be completely unmotivated and struggling to come up with anything new and then bam, inspiration strikes and the creativity flows once more. Do you experience that too?

Favorite links from the week:


This gray and wood kitchen with touches of brass is well designed.

A minimalist modern home with gorgeous views of trees.

Minnie Driver is adorable and so is her Malibu mobile home!

Beautiful photos and a charming story: this family run boutique farm.

Unexpected perks of a library card.

A great tip for making pasta taste better.

Cheers to these groups of adventurous women!

I loved reading this story about Luke Perry.

Five reasons you might want to start a podcast.

An Uber driver with a sense of humor. :)


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