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By Kate Riley November 19, 2018

*sponsored by Kodak Digitizing Box

I believe the greatest gift you can ever receive is a beautiful memory. I’d rather have a special day, or meal, or adventure, or trip that gives me a special memory than any material object.

We live in a digital age which makes picture taking so easy, aren’t we lucky to have all our present day memories captured in digital format?

But what about those memories you have before this modern age of digital preservation? Where are all of your pictures from childhood, the pictures of your relatives, the old tapes and films from the past? Are they sitting in a box or an album? Do you wish that you could have them in digital format so that they would be protected forever?

Friends, the best gift you can ever give this season is the preservation of memories. What could be more meaningful than the peace of mind knowing your history is preserved for yourself and future generations?




I’ve already done this process myself, preserving all the videos and pictures from when my children were little. I’m SO very happy I did it.

Because I know those memories are forever preserved in digital format (and I backed them up on a cloud) I can breathe easier. Because whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I can open them in an instant and watch those scenes from those precious moments from the past. And because I can share them anytime with friends or family in just a few seconds.

I’ve also learned living through devastating wildfires that any natural disaster threatens to take these memories from you if you haven’t backed them up somewhere.

The Kodak Digitizing Box is the easiest way to ensure that your memories are preserved forever.



This is the kind of gift that is truly touching and I’ll tell you why. There is nothing so beautiful as hearing the voices and seeing the mannerisms of loved ones from the past. Which is why I chose to give the preservation of memories as a gift to my best friend’s family.

Regular readers know that earlier this year I lost my best friend to cancer. It was a rough year and a very rough summer watching her deteriorate from the disease and eventually die. It shattered my heart in a million pieces. I knew it would be a wonderful holiday gift to her husband and kids to preserve all the old videos and photographs of their times together.

The process couldn’t be easier… this is how it works:

They send you a box with a tracking number and order number with clear instructions on what you can include. …. it can be VHS tapes, video camera tapes, 35mm film, printed photographs, etc.





You follow the extremely simple instructions, labeling the tapes and sets of photographs with the included barcode stickers.





You choose how you want to receive your digitally captured memories, and in a few weeks you receive:

DVDs of your videos and photos ….



OR a digital folder so you can download them to your computer or phone…



OR a thumb drive which captures them all in one singular place…


Just this little thumb drive holds hundreds of memories!! Amazing!

And all your memories in their original format (films, photographs, etc.) are returned to you.

So you guys.. when you’re thinking about the most meaningful gift you can give this season, think about digital memory preservation, and consider the Kodak Digitizing Box!

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*This post brought to you in partnership with Kodak Digitizing Box. All photographs, experiences, and opinions, are my own.


  1. Great idea & something I have been meaning to do also. Should there be a link in your blog? Thanks.

    • Hi Kim! Just click on the “Kodak Digitizing Box” link at the bottom of the post!

  2. Hey, Kate, THANKS for sharing this important info. Even as wonderful and easy as this is, there are still people who will put off this project for one of two reasons: they either won’t take the time to dig out their old photos and VHS tapes from the attic, or they are absolutely against putting their one and only copy in the mail to possibly get lost. For those folks, they can find a Certified Professional Photo Organizer near them who is willing to provide door-to-door handling and even personal coaching.

    • I never knew professional photo organizers that come to your door existed :) good to know!

  3. If they’re sent in chronological order, will they be scanned in order or at least put on the media in order?

    • I’m not sure in what order they scan them, I did receive the videos in order of the number that I labeled them with.

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