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By Kate Riley July 13, 2018

Hello friends! Happy summer weekend to you! This week I started my Invisalign treatment, I am documenting my progress with a few videos and I’ll combine them and share my experience as I go through the program. I’ve been wanting to straighten my crooked bottom teeth for years so I’m finally doing it! So far so good, I’m 48 hours in and it’s not bad! I wish I’d done this sooner!

Things have been slower on the blog in the past two weeks, my apologies. I have a dear sweet friend who is in the hospital with pancreatitis (ouch) so I’ve been visiting her daily trying to cheer her up.

I have a few projects in the works but progress has been slowed so I’m anxious to get back to completing them. :)

Favorite links….


Bria Hammel’s Baltimore new build project is design perfection.

I so love the layers and palette in this NY Victorian renovation.

This designer showcase home in the Hamptons is filled with much inspiration.

Got teenagers? A new method for limiting phone screen time.

Hidden ways to shop on Amazon.

Longevity: a reason to eat chocolate every day.

Fascinating job: the key keeper to the Vatican.

This itinerary makes me want to book a trip to the Amalfi Coast ASAP.

Did you hear? The Downton Abbey movie is coming.





  1. Congratulations on taking the Invisalign plunge! I’m just about done with mine and it’s been pretty easy all the way through!

    The best tip I got was to put the aligners in a little dish of water with some blue dawn dish soap while they are out while I’m eating. This keeps them shiny and clean.

    I’m also so glad it did it! Good luck!

    • I can’t wait till my program is over and my teeth are straight! I’ll be so happy!! Thanks for the cleanser tip!

  2. Take a toothbrush with you everywhere! I had top and bottom and had to wear 21 hrs a day for 6 months! I did make the mistake of having work done after instead of before so had to get a new retainer. Wear them at night now to keep teeth looking great!

  3. That Baltimore Home is perfection! The Amalfi Coast is one of my most favorite places on this earth! Every view is like a post card. We had our base in Sorrento up on the hillside and the views were ridiculous! As much as you like to travel, you need to add that to your list. We went in early October and there weren’t crowds. The weather was perfection! We took a day trip to Capri and did swim some. The water was chilly but not unbearable. If you truly want a lot of beach time, I’d go in summer though.

  4. When we visited Positano several years ago, we were fortunate to rent a villa many, many steps above the more private “local” beach. While it had a breathtaking view – as in “how are we ever gonna want to leave this place in a week?!” – I glossed over the fine print which stated that our villa with the fantastic views was 200 steps above the street! The three of us, who had already spent 10 days in Africa, had 5 rolling duffles for our 3 weeks out of the country. Our scrawny teenager couldn’t carry her bag up the 200 steps, so we had to leave luggage on the street while my husband carted the five bags up. Next time, we’ll hire a porter to haul our luggage! But it was so worth the climb! We flew into Rome (from Egypt) then took the high speed train to Naples. From Naples, we took the hydrofoil to Sorrento where we spent the night before taking the bus to Positano.
    While it’s a harrowing ride between Sorrento and Positano, it’s so pretty! We made the trek several times – it’s super easy to navigate and fairly inexpensive, as I recall. A great day trip from Sorrento is to take the train to Pompeii and spend the day exploring the ruins of Pompeii.
    One of our favorite things about the Positano villa, and it’s probably true about many homes there, is that in the evening, when the windows and doors are open, you can hear the silverware clinking and laughter from down below in restaurants. We loved it!
    Fun fact: the first time we went to Italy, I lost 8 pounds in 10 days eating pasta and gelato every single day! It didn’t happen the second time, but I’d be willing to see what happens on #3!

  5. How does it work? How does it compare to say getting braces
    which at one time was the thing to do>?

    • The aligners can pop out when you eat unlike standard braces, but it’s a longer process. There are pros and cons to both, the Invisalign made more sense for my lifestyle.

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