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By Kate Riley May 5, 2018

Happy Cinco de Mayo friends, I’ll be enjoying tacos and margaritas with friends this afternoon. Tomorrow I have a shelf project I’m working on for my laundry room, I hope to share that space update soon! I

I have a lot of travel on the horizon in the next few weeks, I’m headed back to Las Vegas to finish the master bathroom in the flip house. Later in the month, I’m visiting Seattle for four days, it’s my first time there so I welcome any tips on where you think I should go and what I should see!

Favorite links from the week….


I love the plant filled relaxed vibe of Maddy’s Australian beach house.

A lovely casual, neutral home in the Ojai Valley.

Small and chic, a Parisian inspired studio in Montreal.

Inspiring DIY! This IKEA rug turned tote.

Secrets to saving money on kitchen appliances.

Recipes that will spice up your next taco night.

Ideas for more spontaneous living.

15 acts of self care to try.

Traits that indicate whether someone is trustworthy.

Tips for the first time solo traveler.





  1. Ok…here’s another suggestion! Hopefully you will take advantage…in Seattle there’s a wonderful little “tea shop” called Crumpets just before you approach Pike Street Market. It was founded in 1976 and the owners son runs it. They make the crumpets right there in the shop daily. The crumpets are lightly toasted and topped with a variety of toppings. Just a tourist delight! Coffee also served. Caution shop closes at 3pm if you go towards closing, you might score a bag of free crumpets! Yummy Also check out the tiny Tea shop Market Spice. They are located in the corner of Pike Street Market just to the left of the famous Fish Throwing Shop!
    I’ve been traveling in and out of Seattle for years and these are always my go to places!

  2. In Seattle be sure to get out on the water somehow…. ferry to Bainbridge Island or Kayak rental on Lake Union are great ways to do so (Moss Bay Kayak Rental & Agua Verde restaurant rent kayaks.) Or, another option on Lake Union, The Center for Wooden Boats has free Sunday Sails, http://cwb.org/events/cast-off/
    Alternately, head to Alki beach in West Seattle for a walk along the beach and an amazing view of the Seattle skyline across Elliott Bay. Fremont is a fun, funky neighborhood with a Sunday market, and home of the “Fremont Troll.”

  3. Hi! I live near Seattle, and here are the things I usually do with out-of-town visitors:

    Theo Chocolate Tour: This is a fair-trade, local chocolatier located in Fremont. Their tours are amazing (informative, fun, and heavy on the samples), and they’re located in a great area for walking/shopping/visiting the Fremont Troll. You need reservations, though.

    Visit Uwajimaya. Seattle is a city with a lot of Asian influences, and this full-sized grocery store is a fun way to immerse yourself in that.

    Take a ferry to Bainbridge Island: You can walk onto a ferry in downtown Seattle, and it’s only a short walk to the only town on Bainbridge (Winslow). There are a number of excellent restaurants and boutiques there–definitely check out Mora Ice Cream!–and the view of the Seattle skyline coming back, particularly in the evening, is gorgeous.

    Go to a Sounders game: even if you don’t care about sports, Sounders matches are *incredible*. There’s a march before every home game, and it feels like a religious experience.

    In semi-related news, I see that you’re going to Brno, which is where my extended family lives. Have fun! There’s a weird place that sells this pizza-flatbread hybrid thing out of a basement window in the center of downtown which is better than it sounds, and be sure to check out the many, MANY kinds of ketchup for sale. (I do not understand the Czech obsession with ketchup. At all.)

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