Planter Season

By Kate Riley March 8, 2018

Spring is coming my friends! March always makes me happy for that reason. I bought a few more green plants this week, I’m a big believer in every room having something living in it so I scatter them around my house.

Some of my little green friends do better in filtered light, others thrive in direct sunlight, it’s a learning process, but I just keep rotating them to figure out where they are happiest.



Last spring, I bought a few planters at CB2 including the basket planter and the ceramic trio (pictured above) and also this marbleized planter that holds and orchid in my bathroom. (They’re still for sale at CB2 if you want to snag one for yourself, I love all of them.) I’ll probably buy a few more as my plant collection grows. Thankfully there are so many good looking options.








images: west elm  / all modern  / cb2 / overstock / anthropologie / etsy


Here’s a group of eye-catching planters for the home, great patterns, colors, textures….



gold dot / carved wood / marbleized gold

brass with stand / matte silver faceted / marble & cement

concrete / mid century wood / gold geo / pink gold

blue dot / farmhouse / orange earthenware

knit texture / black stoneware / mini cactus

Also follow this search on Etsy, it turns up a lot of great planters from creative makers.


  1. I love the mid century wood one. The link appears broken. Would love to purchase.

    • If you’re referring to the one Kate has identified as “carved wood” the link worked for me although it took a bit to load. It is at World Market.

      So many pretty choices! The ones with basil and thyme were cute!

    • The link works for me! Perhaps it’s your browser? Try again and let me know if you have trouble. :)

  2. My best friend and I just got our first apartment and I really want to decorate it with plants…. only problem is, I haven’t found the best technique to keep the plants alive. What do you do?
    Love this post!
    Xx ww.rileyedixon | Riley

    • Hi Riley, I’m no expert but I just pay attention to how they perform in different light and try not to over or underwater them!

  3. Now that spring is here, it’s time to give our planters a refresh. For those who don’t have an outdoor space, buying new planters and indoor plants can really give the décor a spring-like appearance.

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