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By Kate Riley February 10, 2018

Hey there friends. I took a few hours off work yesterday. We’ve had a week of clear skies and temperatures in the 70s in Northern California, and I just had to go to the beach to hear the waves and feel the sun on my face, it’s so therapeutic. I posted a video on my Instagram stories of the view of the coastline from the top of Bodega Head, it’s absolutely stunning.

I’ve become one of those people who will strike up a conversation with any stranger standing next to me. It always leads to a human connection, and sometimes that only lasts a minute or two, but it’s real and one of the best parts about living in the moment. While I was standing there looking out over the cliffs, I spoke with a couple visiting from Chicago. Together we were just mesmerized, and felt so lucky to be there soaking up the sunshine and the amazing view. I loved that moment.

Favorite links below:


Every detail in this home. *sigh*

Excellent tips on how to furnish a long narrow space.

Wow, check out Ballard’s new cabinet hardware collection.

White cabinets & quartz countertops are still at the top of kitchen wish lists.

50 modern homes with floor to ceiling windows.

How cool are these modern cabin homes made in Finland!

The 32 “most friendly and affordable” cities in the world.

Love these: 25 foreign words to know.

Women shattering records at the Winter Olympics.

Wow, really? This is a new dating requirement?

Thanks John for sharing this.



  1. I love that Jean Stoffer, the designer on that first link, included Target artwork on the small counter in the kitchen. I have that artwork! Probably the closest I’ll ever get to having a space like that, lol. Way to mix high/low! Love your weekend roundups, so inspiring :)

  2. Coming from someone that lives where you used to (Santa Rosa) I was surprised to hear you strike up a conversation with strangers. Santa Rosa is the most unsocial place I have ever lived in. Including the Washington D.C. area. People passing by you here, look the other way to avoid any contact. I will be riding my bike and and will pay special attention to it. It happens with out fail. I am so glad you didn’t pick up the same character. Thankfully we will be moving out of the area where people are much friendlier!

  3. Sorry to read you have negative feelings about Santa Rosans. I have many friends who live there, all lovely people! I strike up conversations with people wherever I am in the world and 99% of the time it results in a great connection. :)

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