The Easiest Faux Faux Fur Rug

By Kate Riley November 6, 2017

During last year’s holiday season I decided to give my living room that extra cozy factor by adding a faux fur rug. When I went on the hunt for one I discovered even the cheap 5×7’s start around $200 so I came up with a less expensive alternative.

Perhaps you didn’t notice it last year because you were all just so mesmerized by the loveliness of my paper leaf garland which really was the feature and that faux fur rug just slipped past you. :)


I completely forgot to blog about the rug last season so when I opened up the Christmas closet last weekend and found my folded faux fur fabric tucked away I remembered all about it.

Yep that’s my secret: it’s just fabric. I simply wrapped my existing rug in faux fur fabric and left it at that.

Easiest faux faux fur rug ever.


I brought it back for fall and you can be sure it will make an appearance next month for a holiday home tour.


Many faux fur fabrics are rather thick and come in 60” width. With a purchase of 3 yards you can create a 5×7’ faux faux fur rug by using an existing 5×7’ rug in your home as its base to avoid slippage. I simply tucked mine under around the edges, but a few safety pins will also do the trick in securing it to your existing rug.

The reason I prefer the synthetic fur fabric + rug layering trick instead of an actual faux fur rug is that it can be folded up and tucked away more easily after the winter season. After all, I don’t want a fur rug all year long, just something to step on and add cozy texture between November and February.

You could create a larger 8×10′ faux fur rug by attaching a fabric like this (at less than $10 a yard) with hot glue to a non-slip rug pad like this.

Or do something similar with these additional faux fur fabrics by the yard:

faux fox / white rabbit / black + white emu

tibetan fox / mongolian gray fox / black + white husky

faux candy / white mongolian fur / paloma swirl



  1. I bought a large piece of white faux fur fabric years ago and use it as my tree skirt. I just puddle it around the bottom and tuck in any hard edges and have the seam to the back of the tree – not that you know it’s there with the long “hair” hiding it. It has stood the test for the last 4-5 years now and still in its original condition.

  2. This is such a great idea Kate! We are in need of a new dining room rug and I think I am going to take your idea and cover it in some faux fur fabric for the holidays! So clever. Your house was gorgeous last year, as it is every year. It’s always a treat to see what you do each year for the holidays!

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