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By Kate Riley August 4, 2017

Weekend hellos! I’m feeling a little sad that my favorite season is coming to an end. I love summer so much, and once those Back to School ads start popping up it’s a reminder that the lazy days are almost over. I’ve had such a great summer so far, combining work with travel and relaxation. I do look forward to the regular routine fall brings, and the beautiful September weather but I plan to enjoy August to the fullest!

Next week I’ll be in Vegas once more, the quartz kitchen countertops will be fabricated at the flip house, and I’ll be making tile selections for the master bathroom. There are just a few more projects to complete and the house will be ready for staging and for sale this fall. I’ll have a lot of pictures to share once it’s done.

Favorite links from the week below:


Black + white + natural wood = a neutral cozy home.

How do I love thee, this light and bright blue and white house tour.

So inviting! Country Living’s lake house of the year.

A gorgeous home makeover for shiplap lovers.

Nice job Michael, decorating an apartment kitchen.

Did you see Home Depot’s home decor catalog? Impressive.

So sweet! How cheesy love letters rekindle romance.

Tempted to create my own sashiko embroidered pillow.

Putting this train ride on my travel list.

Cuteness alert: these rainboots (bought the aqua for a friend’s daughter).

Before the internet.

Have a lovely weekend friends, see you all back here next week :)


  1. Hi kate! I shared the same Home Depot Home Catalog on one of my Friday Favs! I was so impressed. It was like a Pottery Barn catalog! In fact, I have a few torn pages to the left of my tablet to check out! have a great weekend! Rain in forecast in Denver (which we always need). laura

  2. I’m not sure what happened but for the last month or so your links don’t work on my email. I use Chrome… could it be that?

    • I also can’t click links straight from my email anymore. I noticed the change maybe last month? I use Firefox.

      • My apologies, I’m between email subscription services so that’s the reason I believe. I’ll have the email subscription links up and running soon, pinky swear. Meanwhile visit the site for the favorite articles. :)

  3. I was shocked by the Home Depot catalog, too! Lots of exciting things must be happening over there. I wonder if stores will ever reflect this new aesthetic without losing their core customer?! (Can you tell I’ve spent my career in buying.. ha!)

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