Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley July 23, 2017

Hello! I just wrapped up the Haven Conference in Atlanta, I was there for three days mingling with some of our favorite bloggers and attending a few sessions, and I had a wonderful time. I always walk away from a conference inspired but also overwhelmed with all the information I gather, it takes me a few days to come down from it all.

Today I’m in Savannah visiting my brother’s family and spending a few days in that beautiful city! We plan to spend time looking at all the beautiful historical buildings and homes and then we’re off to Tybee Island to hang out at the beach.

One of the things I finally started doing was using Instagram stories to share pieces of my day, check out my profile and follow along if you’re interested! Favorite links from the week below.

This light and bright bachelor pad is a refreshing break from the predictable.

How beautiful are all the layered blues in this home tour?

Insider things to know about IKEA from its employees.

I never get tired of blue glass tile in bathrooms.

Knowing this you’ll never get lost in NYC’s Central Park again.

Have Macbook, will travel: the rise of remote working.

What bartenders wish you knew about tipping.

A reminder to “jump, even when you’re scared”.

Have a lovely Sunday friends! I’m going to enjoy these next few days with my brother’s family and be back to blogging on Wednesday.



  1. Be sure to eat at the Pink House and tour the home from the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
    I also recommend having an Earl’s Gotcha at Tubby’s Tankhouse on River Street.

  2. I always enjoy your Weekend Reading posts and usually click through to every link. May I make a suggestion? Could the links be set to open in new tabs instead of leaving your website? I return to your site to click the next link after I visit. First world problems, I know.
    Thanks for the content I have enjoyed for 5+ years now!

  3. Kate, I see you are starting to use inst-stories. Did you know there are a lot of folks on WINDOWS platforms that cannot access insta-stories? We miss out! Mary

    • Hi Mary, I was unaware of that, if you’re on Instagram (on your phone) they are all there, I’m not sure how to see them on Windows desktop since I’m on one myself!

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