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By Kate Riley June 24, 2017

Greetings! What are you up to on this beautiful summer weekend?! Last night I attended a comedy show in Healdsburg, it’s a thing now in Sonoma County, we’ve got comedians coming up from San Francisco doing their act in wine tasting rooms, it’s very funny to hear urbanites mock wine country folk, I was laughing so hard.

Today I’m continuing work on my outdoor trellis project and tomorrow I’m meeting friends for a little wine tasting in the Sonoma Plaza, that’s always fun. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too! Favorite links below:


Designers share their favorite gray paint colors.

50 beautiful backsplash ideas.

I enjoyed browsing this designer’s portfolio this week.

So much style packed into 350 square feet.

 This striking LA oasis is often used for styling according to AD.

How nature changes the brain.

5 ways travel makes you smarter.

I’m headed to France in September; always inspired by Heather’s photography.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. On how nature changes the brain: E.O. Wilson talks about biophilia (the innate human connection to nature) in several of his books, including (most notably I think) “The Creation”. Here’s an excerpt from that book, which I highly recommend:

    “In one stufy, postsurgical patients who were allowed to look out at trees, recovered more quickly and reported less need for pain and anxiety medication that those treated otherwise identically but who view was of the walls of buildings. In parallel manner, prisoners in cells given a view of the adjacent farmland had a lower sick-call rate than those confined in the same way but with a view of the prison courtyard. Similarly, business employees reported fewer feelings of stress and greater job satisfaction when the outside view was a natural environment.

    “In further support of human habitat selection, dental patients in sight of natural scenery registered lower blood pressure and reduced levels of anxiety. Psychiatric inpatients exposed to various forms of wall art responded most favorably to those depicting natural environments. During fifteen years of records of patient attacks on wall art, all were directed at abstract paintins, none expended on literalist representations of nature. (Pace abstract artists: this report is not a criticism; I know your purpose is often anything but quietude.)”

  2. Hi Kate,
    Love your blog and look forward to your Weekend Reading links. Imagine my surprise when I looked at Heather’s Photos of France and saw the bar I use in Eymet, Dordogne, South West France. The Cafe de Paris is really popular and the owner Jean Michel is super welcoming . If you are heading this way in September I’d be happy to give you a guided tour. Great market on Thursday and so picturesque.

    • Small world Wendy! I’ll be in Bordeaux, that’s rather close isn’t it? Traveling from there down to Nice and visiting some towns along the coast, I can’t wait!

  3. Kate,
    I adore the art piece of a lake in shades of blue and gray over the sofa in your photo. Do you have any information so that I could track it down? Thanks!

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