Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley May 5, 2017

My friends I’ve been fighting a cold all week, I think I picked it up on the plane (ick). I’m on the mend with only a few days left to pull my bedroom together for the One Room Challenge, the pressure is on! I’ve got window shades and a chandelier to hang and all the little details to complete. There won’t be much time for leisure this weekend other than a quick round of margaritas with friends tonight. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Favorite links from the week below:



Could I please spend a few weeks at this getaway retreat?

6 lessons for truly timeless rooms.

Copenhagen’s restaurants: Danish design on display.

Wow, what a cool pottery installation.

Black, white, and tiny: nice work on this mini kitchen makeover.

I’m charmed by this Hawaiian inspired bridal shower.

So fun! These dress to room pairings from the Met Gala.

Mmmm, these pineapple margaritas are calling my name.

Simple but true, ten habits of happy people.

Also, how happy people complain.


Enjoy your spring weekend friends!



  1. The link for Truly Timeless Rooms is not working.
    I hope you feel better.

    • Thanks Mary – sorry about that – if you go to One Kings Lane and search the article you’ll find it. :)

  2. Links don’t work for me either on your post, but when I clicked on Comments @ bottom I coud access the Pineapple Margarita from here ?

    • Hmmm not sure why links aren’t working for you Carol but the pineapple margarita will help! :)

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