Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley April 14, 2017

Happy Friday! What’s up with you this Easter weekend? Today and tomorrow my day is filled with projects for the One Room Challenge. There is much to do in so little time since I’m leaving on another trip! More details on that next week, meanwhile I’m adding my personal touch to the nightstands, finishing the fireplace tile, and finalizing the decorative details all before I head out of town.

On Easter I’ll be taking a break from projects to spend time with family, also making grilled lamp chops, yum! Favorite links from the week below:


 This is such a pretty Vancouver home.

Consider black for your built-in bookcases.

IKEA hack: cabinet doors used as wall panels.

Tips for purging 80% of the clothes in your closet (good comments too).

Chic and charming: DIY gilded seashell salt & pepper cellars.

So much inspiration inside Spoonflower’s 2017 catalog.

20 cute and creative DIY Easter egg ideas.

Made me laugh: relationship savers at IKEA.

Cats in a box. (It’s true!)

Loved this article about leading “a beautiful, quiet, gentle life.”



  1. The last two “Weekend Reading” posts haven’t opened when I click on the links to other items. Is it me? I really enjoy the posts so don’t want to miss!

  2. The IKEA hack wall panel link opens to a foreign language that I never studied in school. Do you know if the panels are available in the US and what would their US name would be? Thank you!

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