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By Kate Riley March 18, 2017

Hello! This evening I’m so wiped out, I spent yesterday celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as any self respecting Irish girl does! I had a really great time with a group of good friends. Today I took a four hour self defense course, oh man was that intense, but in a good way. It’s the second course I’ve taken in the past year and I cannot recommend them enough, I always leave those classes with knowledge and tactics that I know will help keep me safe in a bad situation. Take one in your town ladies, you’ll be so glad you did!

Tomorrow I’m headed out of town for a few days to spend some time with my older brother who is remodeling his kitchen for resale, he needs my help picking out finishes so I’m taking a short road trip and giving him some ideas. Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day too!

Favorite links from the week below:


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Simple decor swaps to refresh your home for spring.

This is such a pretty kitchen backsplash.

The miracle of paint! It dramatically transformed this kitchen.

The many benefits of having good mom friends.

This is true when you don’t follow the crowd with your choices.

Spending money on experiences can make you more grateful.

12 books on minimalism & simplicity.

Ha ha so good, how to be a minimalist.

P.S. Thanks so much for sharing your insight in the comments on my last post, there are some really wise tips there! I’ll be back in town and back to work Tuesday, see you then!




  1. Kate, love the Holland Avenue Home kitchen. And so inspired that Avery went with the Annie Sloan chalk paint, small warts and all. I’ve debated this issue for four years. This is my forever home in 55+ Sun City West, Arizona and at my age, I hope and pray I still have a good 15 years or so to live here and I truly believe in doing what makes me happy and also in the stupidity of doing something for resale value when I have no plans to sell and anything I’d do now on trend would be outdated in a few years anyway. Also, I’m on a limited budget and my biggest project is new flooring throughout my 1350 sf home (thanks loads for your inspiration with the luxury vinyl plank flooring – my two sample planks get moved around my house regularly and I love the color and appearance and the feel under my feet. Hoping that happens this year. Redid the lighting in my kitchen with my brilliant brother’s help last September. The kitchen cabinets are left – 1980’s oak that’s begging to be white. Regular painting of the cabinets is beyond my ability and I’d have to hire painters but chalk painting could be something my brother and I could accomplish on his return visit this year. The holdback, of course, is that annoying little voice that says “but you’ll never sell or get your price if you don’t redo” to which, of course, I answer that even if I did “redo” to a dream white kitchen, the next owners would probably gut whatever I did and totally replace the 32-year-old plus 5, 10 or 15 years cabinets anyway. I’ll be investigating the durability of chalk painted kitchen cabinets over several years because Avery’s kitchen is beautiful. Thanks for providing great inspiration again yet again!

  2. I love Avery’s kitchen makeover! Incredible difference. I applaud her hardware choice, too! I just can’t imagine painting cabinets without taking the doors off…but it worked, so who’s to say!? (Hats off to Annie Sloan. I sell and teach with the Amy Howard line of Chalk based paints. While they had production issues early on, the lines are very comparable now, imo., for less money). So glad Avery stressed the importance of good cleaning. It’s huge!

  3. I love to decorate and live a minimalist life. Decorating minimally really allows every piece of your home decor to stand out and make an impact! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Souch a beautiful Kitchen!

    Love it.

    I am about to decided how my will look and there is too many. Do you have any tips how to choose ?

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