Etsy Sources: Mudcloth Pillows

By Kate Riley October 27, 2016

Mudcloth fabrics have taken over the design world, they’ve been appearing everywhere this year but the textile is not new, it’s been around since the 12th century.

Mudcloth originates from Mali, Africa, and it’s true name is bògòlanfini. In the Bambara language, bogo, means “mud,” lan, means “with” and fini means “cloth,” hence the translation into the English word mudcloth. Find out more about the history of mudcloth in this article.


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Authentic mudcloth fabric is handwoven and has a textured surface. It is also hand dyed so imperfection is to be expected. For both those reasons it’s a desirable textile in interior design, and will add a touch of global flair to any space. Mudcloth pillows are the “it pillows” right now, it seems everyone’s got at least one. I too have jumped on board, recently ordering a lumbar for my guest room.

Below are some great sources on Etsy for mudcloth pillows, as you can see the colors and patterns vary. Happy shopping for the perfect one for your home. *affiliate links used

One Fine Nest


white mudcloth / indigo mudcloth


Ebb and Thread


indigo mudcloth / african mudcloth


The Modern Farmhouse Co.



brown / black


One Affirmation


black arrow / white arrow


Squared Charm Décor


triangles / yellow arrows




indigo / stripes & dots




white tribal / x motif


Pillows by Elissa


abstract black / zig zag

If you know of any other great sources for authentic mudcloth decor, please share!


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