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By Kate Riley May 11, 2016

My friend/neighbor down the street is remodeling her basement space in anticipation of her MIL moving in this fall. I’m very excited to see the improvements as they happen and I pop in every other week to see what’s been done. I’ll be sure to share their bathroom and kitchen remodel when complete! Since the ceilings are low (only 7½ feet in the bedroom) I suggested using wall sconces for lighting instead of overhead ceiling fixtures. With low ceilings, taller people can hit their head on an overhead flush mount.

I love wall sconces, I have them in my dining room and family room and they’re always the ones I use in the evening instead of the overhead fixtures. I like the warm glow they cast on the wall and since they’re on a dimmer I can always change the mood between dinner/homework hour and late night movie time.

Today’s focus is on the the kind of sconces that look great in pairs or trios in hallways, along a staircase, as mood lighting in dining spaces, or flanking mirrors in bathrooms. This style of sconce is also handy in a bedroom on either side of the bed since they take the place of lamps, saving space on the nightstand, they also look beautiful incorporated into the design of bookcases.

Proper sconce placement depends on the ceiling height and also where you want the illumination to occur. For example, in a bathroom you’ll want them placed slightly higher than an adult’s head but in a bedroom closer to the nightstand to allow for reading at night. Below are a few examples of different styles of sconces that act as functional lighting and contribute to the good design of the space because of their style and shape.

 dramatic wall sconce

jean stoffer design

 agate sconce

heather vaughn design

 navy library bookcases

via brabbu

 fireplace sconces


 bedroom wall sconce

wettling architects

 bathroom wall sconces

laura u design

Below are some eye-catching sconces I spied online, note several of the brass and bronze versions are also available in nickel or chrome.

 stylish wall sconces


From top left: 1. alto   2. atomic  3. dorothy   4. mod angled  5. agate  6. lattice  7. tyrie  8. sputnik  9. worley’s wood  10. currey  11. pelle  12.  smoked glass  13. jennings  14. caracas  15. dauphine  16. cylinder  17. sabine  18. rustic zinc


Find many more lighting favorites on my Pinterest board!


  1. Sconce MUST BE in the air…I just replaced my two bedside lamps and put in wall sconces. WHAT A BRILLIANT CHANGE!! They are beautiful, functional and fabulous!! franki

  2. Love the bedroom wall lights. The industrial look & feel against the softness of the rest of the room is a lovely contrast.

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